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Daily link December 7th, 2007

5k more in taxes being shipped this morning.

I can’t go to work until 10:30AM this morning because I have to wait until the bank opens at 10AM. I have to transfer money in order to pay 5k more in monthly taxes. I paid 1k last week just randomly to try to catch up. They cashed it the same day.

I found out today that the govt of Canada is FINANCING A VIDEO GAME show on CABLE. They are using our tax money to pay for Electric playground a show in which a greasy man and another greasy man play video games all day and review them. It is based in Vancouver. At the end of each episode of said program, you see a “financed by your money by the govt of Canada” screen in black with the little Canadian flag.

They would subsidize this and Celine Dion for a company called GREEDY PRODUCTIONS, but when ordinary people building a search engine need risk cap from BDC, which is supposed to do that, they are all like, woah, no way. And they’re not even competent. Their employees wouldn’t know a search engine from Amazon from a hole in the ground. It’s like they just sprouted up out of Bugs Bunny’s rabbit hole and got a job at the BDC approving projects.

I could spit on Ottawa, but it wouldn’t be good enough. I will be so happy to be paying even the lower taxes to the US funding the BS that they do, because this BS makes me absolutely SICK. I can’t wait to move BeerCo to San Francisco in June.

Like I said, I don’t mind staying in Canada as long as I don’t make any income here. I don’t want to finance these people any more. It’s like financing a bunch of clowns. They take people’s hard work and they spit on it this way. It’s time I spit on govt of Canada and took my business elsewhere.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have to tank up the Corolla this morning. Guess how much in Quebec City? $45-50 fscking dollars. No joke. On a little Japanese sized gas tank. It’s just robbery. That’s all it is. People put up with it. I’m not. The gas doesn’t cost that much, there’s like 100% tax on it.

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