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Daily link December 6th, 2007

Superbad - film review

I just saw Superbad for the first time. I think it was a great film and reminded me a lot of high school.

It was really funny and the cops were absolutely hilarious. The girl leaving her period stain on the fat kid’s pants while grind dancing with him at the party, ect…

I really enjoyed this film!

Very funny with lots of laughs.

Daily link December 5th, 2007

Can not cheap Indian slave force do advanced systems design too also as well?

Well, in theory cheap Indian work forces could design advanced systems.

A Chinese company did design Baidu.

In the case of the Chinese, they just didn’t get it when it came to the rest of the world and in the case of India, if they were that good at systems design or even that smart in the first place they would have escaped their crackers long before they would have gotten to the stage where they would have been asked to do that. Their non communist govt can not forcibly keep people in projects based on theats of beheading, life imprisonment and other unsavoury acts for defiance that tarnishes their “honor”.

Daily link November 5th, 2007

I’m leaving work as soon as an employee comes in.

I’m going home. Somebody is coming through the door now.

UPDATE: I am catching up on some lost sleep but will be at work at 3PM to start and finish the new business plan before I go to Boston.

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