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Daily link December 12th, 2007

Victor Lucas isn’t my kid

He’s not my kid and I don’t want to pay his child support anymore. His mom and dad should pay for his show.

For those of you that don’t know we the tax payers in Canada pay for Victor’s show, electric playground, whether we want to or not. Victor sits around and plays video games then reviews them on cable. We pay for him to do this, because our govt here in Canada is severely mentally retarded.

We also paid a large amount of money through BDC to fund Nitix. A debian Linux server distro, not in competition with our Dark Energy DESKTOP suite, that pretty much went no where. The entire distro is free Debian Linux, that you can download from any number of mirrors, barring 7 small packages that were last updated in July of last year(6 months - no updates). What a swank investment that was on behalf of the Canadian people. Oh wait, I’m being sarcastic.

Where are your tax dollars going? Well, now you know. Mine aren’t going there any more starting July 1rst when I get the fsck out of this place.

I actually used to hate VC, but I think they will be the savior of this search engine in this particular case. Even semi-knowledgeable VCs from the bay area are better than unknowledgeable govt of Canada representatives. Does the cold freeze brain function? It may. I dunno.

I don’t expect them to do pointer math or algorithm calculations, but at least they shouldn’t be retarded about it, and they totally are. At least in America, I can sleep knowing that people are trying to be responsible.

“Let’s give money to teh video game guy. teeehee, clap, clap…. My badge says CANADA! teehee.”


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