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Daily link December 5th, 2007

Schreiber said he also gave $30,000 in cash to the brother of Quebec premier Jean Charest

In what came as a surprise to some committee members, Mr. Schreiber said he also gave $30,000 in cash to the brother of Quebec premier Jean Charest when the latter was running for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party in 1993.

Mr. Schreiber said he was approached for a donation by Mr. Charest’s brother while they were in the secretary’s office of former solicitor-general Elmer MacKay.

I’m actually for this. I think crooks across the world should pour their money into Canada, and that they should wholly, not just partially fund the govt here. I think a bill should be passed to make that happen.

I’d rather they take their money than mine or BeerCo’s. I would also prefer the quaint ambiance of extortion via properly dressed thugs with baseball bats than extortion via sheriff seizure threats with govt of Canada logos in mailings. It’s far more appropriate.

I so can’t wait for July and to kiss this place goodbye. Goodbye gray skies, hello Cali.

UPDATE: I just wanna say that I don’t have anything against a fair tax system. I paid plenty of taxes in the US, and I never complained once. The system we have here in Canada, and Quebec is nothing short of insane. It makes our gas well above $5 a gallon, and they tax employees on both sides, the employer and the employee, which would be similar to workers comp, except it’s 30% on both sides. Then 50% for corporate net income. It’s not even sane.

I believe that if somebody approved a govt paid comedy festival with tax payer money in the US, that the politician would be beaten down, dragged to the town center, roped to a horse and the horse would be whipped. I think a similar thing would happen if tax payers found out they were paying for Celine Dion’s albums. I can’t think of a worse performer than her in the furthest stretch of my imagination.

I have a very good reason for staying in Quebec, Canada, but the reasons for leaving are extremely strong.

This is Canada. As somebody who was working for a low wage, I simply put up with it. But these fuckers, and I do emphasize that they are indeed fuckers, will totally steal all the earnings from this search engine I put so much work into. That’s not going to happen.

The first prime minister was corrupt

Pacific Scandal

(1872–73), charges of corruption against Canadian prime minister John Macdonald in awarding the contract for a transcontinental railroad; the incident resulted in the downfall of Macdonald’s Conservative administration.

The recent ones are too.

and again with Cretien.


Daily link November 20th, 2007

5 is a magical corporate number in Quebec

2 days ago I posted about filing a complaint with the BDC ombudsman in relation to an application I had completed in January 2007 where I strongly feel I was mislead on several points by a BDC representative.

The guidelines for complaint handling process states:

Acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two business days;

I did not receive this yet. If I do not receive it by 5PM today which would be over 2 business days, then I will take further steps.

If the BDC does not want to treat us fairly, or acknowledge our complaint fairly, I will

A. File a small claims suit to recover any damages I feel we may have incurred, and also importantly to get documentation in discovery.

B. I will use this documentation along with other factual information gathered to create a white paper on the BDC.

C. I will cc this white paper to all the MPs as the BDC is Federally chartered with OUR tax dollars.

You will also find the following statement on the last link I posted:

The Complaint Handling Process is without prejudice to the right of the Bank to take the measures necessary to protect its interests.

That is a very telling statement and part of the reason I may need to file a complaint to the courts to get documentation. The BDC in part needs to be turned inside out and needs to become far more transparent to the public. I think this is very important. I am going to help future Canadians with my research. Dealing with an Federal Canadian agency holed up in a bank with no transparency is no laughing matter.

What about OUR interests? This is OUR bank after all. And that is the spirit of this operation which I dub “Beta Delta Canada Freedom”

Why is 5 a magical corporate number?

Because only corporations with 5 employees or less, kaching, may use the small claims complaint filing system in Quebec. A small claim is $160 to file, and produces loads of documentation on average. This 5 person limit on small claims isn’t listed in the online documentation of the govt of Quebec, but was told to me by a judge in a previous ruling to which I was a party.

What will come of this?

Knowing Canadian government, I’m not expecting much. They simply bury anything that doesn’t fit what they feel is their best interest. BUT, by putting what I find online, it can let the average people know what I went through, and hopefully give them the upper hand when they go and try to deal with these agencies.

Eventually through discovery and knowledge the public will get the upper hand on most dealings with closed govt of Canada institutions now ruled by the elite.

And that’s half the battle right there! Take power from the govt and give it to the people!

Expect swift action with updates on the progress.

UPDATE: So far I have contacted the BDC ombudsman in good faith, without documenting the process. When 5PM rolls around, if I have not received acknowledgment, I will recontact him or her and this time take screen shots and collect evidence for use in a case. I would have preferred not to do this. Before I file any formal complaint to the court, a final phone call will be made to the complaint line to confirm that the complaint is or is not being processed, and if my suspicion is right, then I will collect the information I need to file. So we’re looking at about Friday afternoon allowing 2 more business days to expire before I can update on this case on this blog.

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