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Daily link December 6th, 2007

govt of Canada’s finest programming

A security flaw in Passport Canada’s website has allowed easy access to the personal information - including social insurance numbers, dates of birth and driver’s licence numbers - of people applying for new passports.

Yes, never check input from URLs. That would be silly.

Daily link August 30th, 2007

How should you go about hiring programmers?

In this recent Digg article about a man who interviewed via email for a SQL and PHP programming position we see that there is definitely a right and a wrong way to screen new employees. This was one of the most Dugg articles in the history of Digg receiving 5000+ diggs and it’s no wonder why.

In the field of human resources for IT, there are a myriad of unqualified head hunters who have little or no programming experience or even hiring experience. This can not only frustrate the hirees, but can frustrate the client on the other end of the contracted work or long term software project.

I made the following comment on the thread stating that you can not judge a programmer based on the answer to one simple question. You must go through a lengthy and costly process of finding people, which we do with professional IT HR services from the government of Canada, and you must interview them one by one. This is to test their programming skill, to check their scholastic qualifications, and lastly to make sure that they do not have any problems that would prevent them from effectively doing the job, or showing up to work.

In the United States, and the UK, there is a shortage of qualified programmers, DBAs and IT personnel. This leads many American and British companies to settle for second best third best, meaning people who are marginally qualified, or flat out incompetent, or worse, they turn to the third world. When you turn to the third world, you relinquish all control and put your trust in people with substandard education and resources to complete your project. These same executives and corporate staff would never turn to the third world for personal professional services such as if they needed an operation to cure them of a brain tumor. It would be insane to do so when we have the best medical training and staff in the US and Canada. The very same holds true for programming and Information Technology services. Executives and HR people at companies are sometimes misguidedly under the impression that this is a less professional trade than the medical industry and they are sometimes willing to hire anyone, qualified or not under the pressures of under staffing and desperation.

That is why we are successful offering the services we offer, and we welcome businesses big and small to step out of the closet and upgrade to our professional coding services.

Daily link August 29th, 2007

New Quad Core CPUs for our Contract Coders are coming!

Concerning our High Skill CS Graduate Outsourcing Business:

We are starting to purchase new Intel Quad Core Q6600 CPUs for our programmers. These should make our Fedora 7 machines lightning fast and allow our skilled programmers to work faster and better than ever on Client computer code. And isn’t that the reason we are all here in the first place.

Concerning our Internal R&D business:

We are also wrapping up the backend on our new search engine, and will be starting to build the hardware server array in the next few weeks as we work on the massive scale sorting module. What you could equate to PageRank TM on the Google TM search engine. The front end is also a work in progress.

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