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Daily link December 4th, 2007

Still working on the kernel mem hack

Yup, I’m still working on this old kernel hack. It’s really a HUGE pain to work on the kernel as opposed to any other piece of software on Linux. The code base is so huge that when you rebuild it takes forever. There is no integrated debugger, so you have to printk() debug, and it totally sucks.

I also have a night job to do for some hosting company to which I sold a social networking license for our social networking software last summer that we haven’t updated in 2 years since 2005. They always ask for this or that little change when they license the thing and it always goes on for a few months. I usually tell people to just hire somebody locally but they never, ever take my advice.

I tell them I can’t hire somebody for a week or 2 to edit files, but they insist. The $40/hour I get is a pitance, and I wish they would actually just hire somebody. They don’t understand that they can’t possibly succeed without a staff. You can’t deal with ignorance so I digress and just do it after work anyway. This is the last time though, next time it’s total fsck off land. Even this time it’s fsck off land because I’m not doing it all. I hate telling people to fsck off, but sometimes you have to be reasonable where they are not. If you want to invest in something like that it costs tens of thousands of dollars(for starters). You CAN’T cheat and succeed. You have to hire people at a reasonable salary. You CAN NOT automate to success. They still think you can win the lottery on the web and you can’t.

So yeah, I’m in rotten land. Plus today’s whether is actually FAR WORSE than yesterday’s in Quebiria. I’m expecting to drive by a gulag any day now. The taxes here feel about right.

PS- Before you think something like “hey, isn’t cloning google’s search functionality like a lotto ticket attempt”

My answer to that hypothetical question, is yes, it is, but I have the key ingredient to make it work. I have sustained human resources with superiour programming skills. The ones that die off do not. They either have no programmers, or programmers that are good at PHP which is very, extremely week as a skillset. What they call Kool-aid drinkers. The kind of people that would be lost editing kernel code, or doing any type of systems optimization or distributed computing.

Daily link December 3rd, 2007

Waiting for the kernel to compile is…

Fun, fun, fun!!!!

Debugging via rebooting constantly and using printk() is fun, fun, fun!!!

This is the price you have to pay to have Google speed. Google has Robert Love, we have me.

As soon as this part is over, I am going to celebrate. This is the biggest, and cheapest part of this engine. The other stuff is just distributed computing stuff that assigns tasks across multiple servers.

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