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Daily link November 15th, 2007

I won’t lie, I’m drunk right now

Yes, I am. I am home though and these are not work hours.

I was watching Avril Lavigne’s the best damn thing DVD, and I was like, damn, I’m proud to be Canadian. So to all of you that associate Canada with lumberjacks, Celine Dion, those stupid half head Canadian talky people from South Park and people who say “aboot” here’s a big fuck you.

Yeah we have a shitty government. Yeah we’re still under the titular rule of the Queen of England, but damn we have good hockey teams and beer. Damn.

Didn’t we beat the crap out of the US at the winter Olympics in both womens and mens hockey in 2002? Oh yeah, we totally did. Wayne Gretzky, Will Sasso, Rush; yeah Canada fucking rules. Even with our shitty govt and unnecessarily high taxes. I was considering going to the US of which I am also a citizen for a while, but then I considered that it rules so much more here in Canada that I’m staying.

UPDATE: I almost forgot my favourite show, Trailer Park Boys. Julien is my on screen hero.

Daily link November 12th, 2007

Sharing the breathtaking view from my office

Canada, oh the wonders of nature. The scenery is just awe striking. Nothing depicts this more than the view from my office. Drown yourselves in the beauty that can only be described as an office park.

This place should be renamed “The Estate”, no no, “The Silicon Estate Prestige”

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Daily link November 5th, 2007

I’m re-writing our Business plan based on keyword sales today

I’m using my trusty old software from Palo Alto called business plan pro to create a new business plan today.

I have done this a couple times in the past but today is different. Today I’m not using the Canadian version anymore. Today I am using the American version of BPP. I’m also creating a video presentation of our new technology to be printed on DVDs with lightscribe. I am making about 5-6 copies of the BP and DVDs and I am getting ready to roll.

I am also going to look at getting a manager for BeerCo Software so that I may work on R&D in the US. That would be the best case scenario anyway. I don’t know who would accept the pay, but I’m positive I will find somebody after a long candidate screening process.

I will have to leave a sick relative here, which is part of the reason I’m here right now. It really sucks, but I can’t deal with this anymore. The federal govt and the other corporations are poking holes in the hull of the BCS ship constantly and with intent, and I don’t have a pail big enough to get the water out. If I can’t get a tax break for 3-4 employees doing R&D that essentially drain income, like Mederic, myself and Steve, then I can’t continue with this project here.

Employees that do research and activities that are not related to gross earnings should not have to have double tax from the company side. That’s insane. That’s been going on for over a year here. The 15% sales tax is insane, and that has made me slightly insane. I need some warm weather and nice environment. I need somebody else to manage the unmanageable, and then yell at him or her for not doing a good enough job. At least he or she won’t be building a search engine salted through their other duties.

Everyone in the Federal govt here, should either ship up, stop the corruption or be lined up and shot.

I think the govt should cut us a check and give us all our money back that they took unduly on the R&D. We had no say in the laws and this govt is still under the command of the Queen of England.

“(10) “Her Majesty”, “His Majesty”, “the Queen”, “the King” or “the Crown” means the Sovereign of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories, and Head of the Commonwealth;”

This country is fucked up. We have people here we didn’t even elect. None of the ministers that decide our fate here are elected at all. And they all are tied into

A. the mafia(I wish I was joking)

B. US Corps that simply pay them off

C. other illicit ties, such as was demonstrated by Paul Martin and Jean Cretien with their pay for bullshit, but totally get away with it “scandal”

Nope, I am done here, sick relative or not. I can only take so much of this at one time. Other people grin and bare it, but I am totally fed up right now. Perhaps I can take more in the future when I have cleansed myself of this past 10 years.


“Of all which Our Loving Subjects and all others whom these Presents may concern are hereby asked to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly,

In Testimony Thereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed,

GIVEN the Twenty-eight day of May in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty-Three and in the Second Year of Our Reign
By Her Majesty’s Command

Prime Minister of Canada

God save the Queen”

How can you possibly justify that?

They’re not your loving subjects, they fucking hate your guts.

BTW, I also spoke directly to the ministers in Ottawa as did other employees. I wish anything that they could receive the brunt or backside of their own actions and corruption. But as most of you know that never happens. Bad guys win in Canada. They had to pull Conrad Black to fucking Chicago to get him to fess up to what he did. They would have NEVER touched him here. That was corporate. Imagine what the ministers and MPs get away with.

Every single agency in Canada, be it MERX or BDC or whatever are all window dressing for a lottery nobody will ever win, that’s fixed. Some people aren’t dual citizens and live paycheck to paycheck. They can’t afford to leave or to do better. I wish I could improve this country and not just leave, but there’s nothing else to do. I’m going to try to find somebody to do this job for about 15k per year, and put it on autopilot. I am going to try to take my search tech and just go and develop it in a friendly environment instead.

Daily link November 2nd, 2007

Prime minister Harper’s radio address

In a radio address I listened to earlier while changing in the men’s locker room of the Nautilus Plus gym, Stephen Harper, the prime minister of our constitutional Monarchy here in Canada, said that he will do nothing to fix the currency fraud and that it was the job of the Bank of Canada. I have dealt with the Development Bank of Canada, and I must say they will do absolutely nothing so long as their American friends tell them to screw us.

He said that our “strong” economy can take a good and long beating for the USA. Well Harper, you retard, you’re wrong and I’m saying so on this blog read by thousands and thousands of people around the world.

So in light of the economic ruin bestowed upon us by said imperial retard these are our new business goals.

A. Shift contracts to lower cost platform

B. Collect as much credit card info as unhumanly possible by offering free trials on keywords for our mini search, but only if they give their credit card data up on HTTPS:// and if they agree to a billing agreement that says they can now purchase more keywords with one single click agree to have us automatically rebill their cards at a 2 week intervals as soon as their trial funds run out without any further consent and until they manually come and stop it via their account settings. They enter the CC data for the free trial, then they never have to enter it again when they actually buy some.

I am setting a target and milestone of 1 hundred thousand credit card numbers in our DB by New Years.

C. Persist said credit card data so people can purchase more keywords with a single click let their trail expire and have the automatic post trial fund billing commence. Store the CC data encrypted and securely of course.

D. Make the experience so pleasant tolerable people are happy to click that button and renew their service agreement will be willing to submit their CC info for the free trial thus giving us unlimited money just like Google, everybody’s search heros.

E. Eliminate any click fraud, and minimize angry customers.

F. Reduce labour and increase monetization(by reducing labour costs, computers as salespeople are cheap, people are expensive)

G. Advertise the service on as many friend sites as possible and get them to make the search the default search for the website even if we have to actually give them something.

H. Destroy everyone and everything that gets in our way. ;)

Daily link September 17th, 2007

Canada should have it’s own IT trend conference

I am considering starting a site dedicated to an annual conference in Montreal to assemble the hottest Canadian IT companies.

I think I will work on it this month. Travel costs to the US for these conferences is ridiculous and a local conference sorely needed. We are corporate members of PHP Quebec, ITAC, and are individual level members of the FSF and other organizations that may be able to help assemble it. We can rent out a lobby in a hotel just as well as Silicon Valleyers can. I’m going to work on getting some great prices on marketing and promotional materials which are mandatory for a conference like this.

I’m thinking March next year before Linux World Canada would be a good time. None of the IT conferences we have here in Canada are relevant to hot web and other modern technology sectors, so I think it will be popular. It can be called something like Canadtech, and we can have free hors ‘d oeuvres and beverages at ours with a low inclusive admission price. Free Beer should also be included in the admission price. This conference should be special.

UPDATE: The logo has been created, and the website is now up. I am going to start getting speakers and putting together kiosk packages. I have emailed contacts about renting the conference room in downtown Montreal for March. We had worked with a promotional company in early 2005 for T-Shirts and other promotional items. They made really nice high quality t-shirts and other goods on the spot(not resellers). I will get a hold of them and start putting together a plan.

We’re looking at a $999 Canadian per person price right now including all access pass, food, and beer coupons. That’s tentative though. We will also put together sponsorship packages. We are not doing this conference purely for profit though. We really want to bring the best to Montreal and do something special here. That’s the goal.

Daily link September 1st, 2007

Typical Saturday at work in Canada

If you weren’t aware, nobody above the rank of Wal-mart employee works weekends in Canada. Not even the sales people at furniture stores.

Saturday at work

(click for more pics)

Yet here I am every Saturday trying to make an awesome new search engine. This pic is from Saturday, September 1rst 2007 at 11:30AM. If this was in the US the parking lot would be full of cars with people at work.

For as long as I can remember stores have closed at 5PM on weekdays and were closed altogether on Saturday and Sunday across Canada. Professional workers here wouldn’t dream of ever stepping foot in the office on a weekend. It’s a little like Europe when it comes to work scheduling in Canada. Sunday shopping is legally banned in some areas, and in most the stores self-impose it. On weekdays the govt severely limits the number of employees you can keep past 5 no matter how large the store.

All this stems from Canada being a highly Catholic and Christian based country where not only Sunday, but the entire weekend is considered the Sabbath here.

That’s ok though, more room for me to walk around on Saturday, and sometimes Sunday. I get 2 days R&D advantage over everyone else in this whole country. Pretty spiffy.

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