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Daily link December 13th, 2007

My Dentist made $110 in 30 minutes!

Wow, now I know I am in the wrong profession!

It turns out I probably need at least 1 $1200 root canal. My furthest back tooth on the bottom may not be savable. I still have to get a 2nd opinion on it from a specialist.

The govt doesn’t pay for any of this. It could end up costing thousands of dollars as if I needed that right now.

So from this disaster which I previously mentioned, I learned not to sell services too cheaply. I know now that no business big or small in Canada can ever compete internationally. I know never to try to succeed in Canada in international markets w/o having a base company in the US or abroad. I have learned my lesson thoroughly.

I filled up the Corolla from 1/3 full tank, it cost $41.56 which is about $42 US Dollars for 2/3 of a tank of gas in a little Corolla. I have to drive about 30 minutes to and back from work every day. The gas is about $5 per gallon. The Queen is the head of state. Some one please kill me. Oh wait, I’m actually leaving. OK, I will stick with it for a few more months. BTW, It’s like $2 cheaper a gallon in San Francisco. That’s in USD which is worth slightly less than Canadian money. They have some of the highest gas prices in the US.

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The McD’s above is actually one of the cheaper ones. Don’t forget the 15% tax. Prime minister Harper needs somebody to wipe his ass for him.

As I told them the current employees of BeerCo software can come work for the new company in the USA any time once we start selling SEO. Hey Art, Naeem, I’m counting on you guys. Chris from SAG too. Andrea, you better get me an apt! Jesus. I have to think about this while I program. My accounting is done. DONE.

Daily link December 13th, 2007

I put on my robe and accounting hat

This is how it works out

We’re down to roughly 12k income per month from 16k, though sometimes it varies. The following expenses were 1/4 higher at the 16k earnings, so they were not compensated for at the higher earnings. It actually lost us more money to make 4k more per month gross. The less money we make the more we earn.

- 6k in taxes monthly

-7.5k in salaries, roughly

- 1k for commerical rent and business internet

- 500$ for office expenses

- 500$ for equipment costs

- 100$ for phone services


So basically in general expenses we lose 3.6k per month, not counting gas. Then you have yearly fees like insurance, and postage, and gas and other transportation fees. Equipment and other rental fees. Travel expenses for clients ect… These expenses are several tens of thousands of dollars. Consider that the iMac we have is well over $2000 alone.

This year Quickbooks says we lost well over $30,000 dollars. I actually have tons of other expenses to enter, so we actually lost way more money than that(I would take a stab at $50,000 at least). So we won’t be paying company income tax because there is no net, only a huge gaping loss. That being said our payroll taxes are still insane.

On top of this we pay nearly $5 a gallon for gas and $8 for a combo meal with the 15% tax. I am going to go out on a photoshoot to collect visual evidence of the sh1ttiness, and will come back here and post them before I go to the dentist.

BTW, when I reboot in the USA, the employees will be kept to a minimum, and the business plan is to collect SEO, which is basically automated with some human support, but that’s FAQ reading stuff that doesn’t pay much. I’ve seen how bad an il thought out business plan in a socialist country with insane taxes can destroy capital, and I’ve adapted this way:

A. Move business away from said insane socialist country

B. Hire low cost employees to do easy jobs that make users feel better

C. Automate the rest and collect(SEO)

I feel that this new business plan is going to be gold. I guess you have to fail a little before you can succeed. This was my first monumental failure.

I actually want to wrap up BeerCo Canada as quickly as possible and move on.

Step A is the most important step.

Oh and BeerCo Canada is officially in the deadpool now!

The back breaking communist tax system really does work well for innovation. I think this venture is proof of that. So something was gotten from this.

OK, I have to go mail $6000+ dollars to govt of Canada and the province of Quebec now, then after I get back from the dentist I am going to take the gas and McD pics. Next month I am going to start putting our physical assets in online classifieds and run the office down to just the desks the coders need to use and the computers. I may even replace some of them with cheaper computers as time winds down to June. This is the exit version of optimization.

UPDATE: I also want to say why I’m not upset at all about this. I saw this company more as a school project with real money rather than something I really poured anything into. I mean I poured a lot into the search engine, but I’m taking that with me. So with that said, I pretty much ran this in the 3rd person. I’m not really sad. A company is resources and revenue, minus expenses. It’s that simple. When the govt is so oppressive that the tax burden is half your expenses you fail, unless you have a US backer propping you up with slave labor, which is what the other businesses here do. Or unless you are govt funded commy style like Celine or Lucas.

You can only do with the numbers that are there. So it’s only money, and programmers in SF, in California make 6 figures. I am not too worried about it :) I have a little bit of experience! ;)


Daily link December 13th, 2007

New Jackass movie to be offered free online

As reported by TC @ JackassWorld:

The latest installment in the Jackass Movie franchise, “Jackass 2.5″is to be released exclusively first online and will be free to view. The move by Paramount pictures is being hailed as “the first studio-backed feature film to have its premiere online.”

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