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Daily link December 12th, 2007

I am going to the dentist tomorrow

I have the worst gum pain between my 3rd and 4rth right lower front tooth.

No, the govt will NOT pay for my dental bill. They don’t pay for any dental work unless you are on welfare.

If you need to see a specialist of any kind it’s 4 months wait even with a family doctor. I have a light flat foot condition so I will need to get new inserts before I leave to go to San Francisco. That should be at least a 4 month wait just to see the doctor, then who knows if I will actually get them before I leave.

Right now I am going to take a lot of aspirin.

Daily link December 12th, 2007


The file socket crap is done. I’m wrapping up testing on the TCP, and that’s pretty much it. There’s still a lot of code left to write.

I almost want to reclaim my contributions like Ricky and Julien did in the trailer park boys episode where they furnished a bunch of foil wrapped trailers by going to a govt of Canada service location and stealing the furniture then selling/using it. That would be justice and justice unfortunately is illegal here. Getting the hell away and transferring a crap load of IP isn’t.


complete with furnishings stolen from a local motel and a government building. Half of the furniture is wrecked, because they used a garbage truck to steal the furniture, and Trevor accidentally switched on the compactor. Despite the fact that Cyrus breaks up the event, J-Roc takes the rap for the boys by claiming responsibility and getting arrested, allowing them to get away with forty dollars after paying off Tyrone and the prostitutes their share of the money (it is then suggested they spend this on food).

I actually hope people did this for real, and or that it’s based on a real event. They deserve it.


If anybody reads through and wants to carry this out, please wait until July 1rst 2008 so they can use other people’s money to buy more(not mine). I’ll be gone and the business transfered at that time. Thanks! But seriously Next summer, after I leave, you should. I’ll be cheering for you somewhere.

UPDATE2: I can’t believe these people have control of our money. Holy sh1t. It’s not even funny. $5 a gallon for $2 a gallon gas. 15% over on everything you buy. Fsking 50% income tax and double sided employee tax. This is pure hell. If you go and steal from them back they’ll just take your own money and buy more. Jesus. Fscking. Christ.

I want this nightmare to be over so bad.

UPDATE3: I understand the roll of govt in society but this is just total garbage. It’s beyond garbage, and the taxes are beyond sane. This is such garbage. I watched the parliament on cable here and the MPs are so fscking dumb it’s unreal. I can’t take it anymore. I took it for such a long time but the possibility of getting out of this place is driving me mad. That soon all notions of the Queen of hearts, the mad harper and the fscking bunny rabbit general could all dissipate is too tempting. I want out of Canada’s wonderland.

Daily link December 12th, 2007

Victor Lucas isn’t my kid

He’s not my kid and I don’t want to pay his child support anymore. His mom and dad should pay for his show.

For those of you that don’t know we the tax payers in Canada pay for Victor’s show, electric playground, whether we want to or not. Victor sits around and plays video games then reviews them on cable. We pay for him to do this, because our govt here in Canada is severely mentally retarded.

We also paid a large amount of money through BDC to fund Nitix. A debian Linux server distro, not in competition with our Dark Energy DESKTOP suite, that pretty much went no where. The entire distro is free Debian Linux, that you can download from any number of mirrors, barring 7 small packages that were last updated in July of last year(6 months - no updates). What a swank investment that was on behalf of the Canadian people. Oh wait, I’m being sarcastic.

Where are your tax dollars going? Well, now you know. Mine aren’t going there any more starting July 1rst when I get the fsck out of this place.

I actually used to hate VC, but I think they will be the savior of this search engine in this particular case. Even semi-knowledgeable VCs from the bay area are better than unknowledgeable govt of Canada representatives. Does the cold freeze brain function? It may. I dunno.

I don’t expect them to do pointer math or algorithm calculations, but at least they shouldn’t be retarded about it, and they totally are. At least in America, I can sleep knowing that people are trying to be responsible.

“Let’s give money to teh video game guy. teeehee, clap, clap…. My badge says CANADA! teehee.”


Daily link December 12th, 2007

I’m getting the question, why is phase 2 going to cost so much?

Phase 2, the phase when the server leaves the social search and goes into full web index search mode, codenamed “shangri la” will cost a lot because.

A. Yes, I’ve written all the code so far but I am not a robot

B. I am not a marketer

C. I am not a graphic designer

D. We have mailing lists with millions of people who opted in on our sites, but I am not up on doing mailings. I suck at them.

E. We have to spend X amount of money to get webmasters from popular sites to use our search bar for their website no matter what.

F. We have to start coding the rest of the Google suite. Analytics, reader, maps, ect…. We have to buy map data…, our new venture partner Art can probably do the flash but you know what I mean. Even he is not a robot.

G. We need some serious hardware to store a 10 Billion page index in full text mode in memory so it’s hot and ready to go. (Think about the progress bar on your Xblox or Playstation when it says “loading”)

So there you have it. As one man army as I am, I can’t take on Google codewise by myself. Each Googler is like 10X smarter than a Microsoftie. Multiply that by 15,000 and divide me, one, by it. That’s the success rate chance unless we have series B, that’s B, not A, funding. Our VC adviser is our best chance of that.

UPDATE: No doubt nobody would invest in a Canadian Web 3.0 company, but we’ll be out of Canada soon and I’ll have incorporated in California by late March. So please keep this in mind if you are a VC looking through. We’ll probably have passed through any seed funding by August or September. I had talked about 50k just to get through Phase 1 in private beta to RTM(plus money I will invest left over from the liquidation here in Canada). I can hardly handle that solo, but I’ll probably make it.

My biggest problem so far has been being in Canada and dealing with the mis-fortunate Canadian environment. With that out of the way it should be clear sailing because we have the know how, part of the money and the desire to carry this out.

It’s like walking with a big ball and chain. Once somebody cuts it, we’ll be able to fly.

Daily link December 12th, 2007

mkfifo() and socket.h - listen()

It’s about that time where I wrap the server side of this up and finish the TCP and named pipe implementations so that our client software can send queries from localhost for precompiled searches and from remote LAN addresses on the switch for TCP JIT requests.

That’s what I’m working on now. The other day I optimized a little bit, but today I’m getting rid of that and putting it into serialized structs for easy of use.

That way if the API changes, the structs can change and it will be as easy as that. No messing around in the bytestream!

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