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Daily link December 10th, 2007

Intermission - Amish Paradise


Daily link December 10th, 2007

My view on world economics

USA - /boot/kernel-usa

UK -/bin/sh

Australia - SELinux

Canada - ln -s /boot/kernel-usa /boot/kernel-canada_plus_$5000_tax

“PLUS a promise that the govt will stomp out all other local alternate kernel developers in exchange for exclusive ln -s rights”

“No really, we’re here to protect your R&D investment, we’ll stomp that out too at our SMBs.”

“My! That sure is a mightée big envelope, is that for me?”

“I wear nice suits, I’m a good person” 

India - /var/spool/mqueue/spamtogo

China - /tmp/perl_telnet_trojan_upload

Japan - /usr/lib/

Russia - gcc moscow.c -o vodka

France - g++ -o bravo

Spain - ls -la

Argentina - rm -fr / && echo “hacked by team S1z3rZ”

Mexico - gdm (re: de Icaza)

Daily link December 10th, 2007


What I’m doing now is optimizing so that queries for new searches can be passed with the least bytes possible as to increase speed across multi-billion record searches and mutli-million precompiled result caches.

Optimizing is something I like because it’s done after the main code is written, and it only requires slight modifications.

Daily link December 10th, 2007

I’m currently working on the search algo

Yeah, fun.

Daily link December 10th, 2007

Comments sometimes piss me off

I got a comment on my let Harper drive a Yugo thread
, and I responded. It really pisses me off when people ignore their surroundings for the sake of bliss. It really is this bad and I am not exaggerating.

UPDATE: This is exactly like picking fruit from a tree. The picked our tree bare, but by the time the tree gets transplanted to another grove and producing good searches, their fruit they pilfered is going to be rotted sh1t. A few thousand is sh1t in comparison. So no matter what happens I win, because I am the most valuable part of the company and they can’t keep that from leaving. Plus I have a search engine. The best people leave. This is why.

BTW, Victor Lucas can fsck himself. He’s a leech just like Celine Dion.

What a bunch of crooks. Really.

UPDATE2: Wait, did you think I was speaking metaphorically?

No, I wasn’t. No.

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