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Daily link December 8th, 2007

I desperately miss Peeplr search engine

So I worked on a partner’s code today in exchange for him helping me out big time in California next summer, and I skipped out on coding Peeplr search today. I desperately missed it and I missed the office. I miss seeing the little peeplr search bar and the people and web pages that show up and all the search functionality. I can’t wait to go tomorrow morning and start working on it again. I am in the middle bridging the C++ search code and the client compiler code.

I love this search engine. Just like I loved our webmail program. I never loved the social network code. It was ugly. I was just following a silly trend.

Peeplr is beautiful. It has a purpose other than simply wasting people’s time.

The social networking thing will be the last trend I ever follow simply because it’s a trend. It was an UGLY fad, and I am happy it’s starting to peak and wind down.

UPDATE: I am codenaming the phase 2 release of Peeplr “shangri la”, phase 1, the “spock” release will come first. Hopefully the spock beta release will be this month.

Daily link December 8th, 2007

I’m helping out a venture partner today with code!

I’m actually staying home today taking a break off of my search engine to help a partner in LA who has agreed to help me form a team to launch Peeplr in California. I am editing some code for him at no charge so he can make some money with one of his clients. The entire mod I am doing for this should take about 3 weekends total.

I am happy to do this, because at this juncture, highly skilled coding partners in California are much more valuable than a few hours of my time or a few hundred dollars.

PLUS, the govt of Canada can not tax good will!

So on goes the Peeplr venture. I needed a day off search anyway and I can code PHP in my sleep. ;)

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