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Daily link December 7th, 2007

The poorest people pay the highest prices

In this paper from State) you can see that the poorest people, those without cars pay the highest for goods. Here is the Google HTML version.

In summary, all consumers do not benefit from economy-of-scale food retailing and there are
clearly winners and losers in the economy-of-scale game. There are a number of implications that
speak to issue of food security and food desertification. First, individuals living in areas with low access
to large food retailers are likely to pay higher prices for groceries at small local stores or incur greater
travel costs to access large food retailers. The travel costs may offset the savings available at these
stores. This is especially troubling for economically vulnerable segments of the population such as the
Page 12
elderly, children, people without access to transportation, and single-parent families. For these
individuals it may not be feasible or practical to shop at a large food retailer because of travel cost and
time considerations. Without access to the large food retailers, these individuals are left to shop at
convenience stores, gas stations, and small “mom and pop” grocers. However, the viability of small
grocers is also threatened in this process. They are forced to purchase goods from wholesalers who
service a shrinking clientele, increasingly comprised of only small grocers in areas inaccessible to large
food retailers and specialty stores that survive the economy-of-scale transition. Thus, while large food
retailers have much to offer the general public, only certain consumers can benefit

Companies without access to American services, not obfuscated by Canadian resellers are in the same situation. They have to pay FAR HIGHER prices for the same goods.

The Canadian resellers will charge far over the exchange rate prices here in Canada, and they will charge a very unreasonable surcharge. In a lot of cases they purchase raw materials here in Canada, and simply charge higher than US prices because they can and people will simply think they had the overhead. The Canadian govt makes it extremely difficult to bypass Canadian resellers of US goods. Their own contracts limit their sales and dealings to regions to further constrict the Canadian economy.

Companies without direct access to US branches to purchase goods and services to ship back to Canada are like poor people without a car that have to purchase groceries from a convenience store at 3X the price.

I feel fortunate that I am American as well as Canadian and I can manually get us out of this situation eventually. The other people that work here will not be so lucky. If I succeed, I will help them. I am forming my team in Socal and SF now.

shakes head at govt of Canada…..

and BTW, NAFTA doesn’t work for small business. I tried several times to avoid duties with our BN and tax id. It never ever worked. Also most companies have contracts which do not allow direct sales to Canada so that their Canadian distributer will keep on sucking the life out of the people here. This is why there are so many chain stores here and nothing business-wise is originally Canadian when you go to Canada. I don’t even think we have 1 major Canadian brand left here. Hortons was bought out by the Americans a couple years ago, and that was like the last big thing.

Nor can Canadian companies directly be contracted by larger US companies in most cases.

NAFTA was crafted to benefit big business and the govt, not average people doing business commerce .

Daily link December 7th, 2007

I just cancelled the $1500 per year commercial car insurance

Yes I did. It felt super good. That and the business insurance were 2 expenses, besides the super oppressive income, employee, sales, gas and other taxes that we have to pay that sink us. I have a good Canadian driving record. We also have other big expenses but those can’t be gotten rid of here in Canada. I am going to switch to super shoddy minimum insurance on the company vehicle until I dissolve in June.

God it felt so good. I wish I could do that with all ridiculously insane Canadian expenses. Here in Canada we generally don’t have low rate options available. You should see our cell data transfer rates here.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The govt does EVERYTHING IN IT’S POWER to keep you from getting low rates. They do this so that American companies can easily come into Canada like AT&T (and insurance companies) and establish pseudo monopolies and price fixes. What appears like competition is not FIDO is owned by Rogers which is AT&T Canada.

It’s like Disney World but in reverse!

The insurance was from a well known US company that I won’t mention. Starts with an A and ends with an E. They would have charged me half as much for the same policy in the US where Geico competes.

UPDATE: A freaking big mac combo costs $6.99 at McDonalds here. I am not kidding you. CAD is at par with the USD.

UPDATE2: Then you gotta pay 15% sales tax on top of that $6.99 so it ends up costing you $8.04, that’s after you tanked up your car at $5 a gallon and paid 6k in monthly taxes, and you had to tell off your insurance guy because he swore to you how reasonable $1500 a year for car insurance was for somebody with a spotless record. I wish I could just sit somebody here and just let them experience this for 5 minutes so they can see what it feels like.

UPDATE3: Then you have to drive home through a blizzard in early December where the uber high paid govt contracted street snow shovelers don’t even do their jobs in a timely manner.

Daily link December 7th, 2007

IPC through named files

Well, it’s that time, and I have to create a bridge between the search server process, and the search requester process. For JIT this is done via TCP via an intranet IP, and for local compilation of keyword searches, this is done via a named socket via /tmp

So I am now working on this. It is insanely fast, and I can only hope to have this finished so I can build up the final hardware config and just do this.

I still haven’t finished the recursive PBot which will scan the web, as I now only have a spock like DB full of finite social data. This is not the goal though as the goal is to have all web data. I will not rescan social data as I will simply dump it into the format that the web search will be in. The social sites are the vastest and highest traffic ranked on the web, so rescanning them would be tiresome duplication for bandwidth as weak as we have.

So with that said I continue on this trek, to search engine sweetness.

Daily link December 7th, 2007

I know reading about Canadian misery is lame

I know that.

I don’t expect you to read those posts.

This is just the biggest amount of bullsh1t you could ever imagine. Please just skip those posts. Hopefully next year when I’m on the west coast USA, I can look back and laugh at the software companies that are still here. All 2 of them.

Also for robbing me all of us, I hope Victor Lucas slips and falls face first into a chipper shredder. There, I said it. Celine Dion too. I bet the sound it would make would be better than her music(that we all paid for unwittingly).

Daily link December 7th, 2007

5k more in taxes being shipped this morning.

I can’t go to work until 10:30AM this morning because I have to wait until the bank opens at 10AM. I have to transfer money in order to pay 5k more in monthly taxes. I paid 1k last week just randomly to try to catch up. They cashed it the same day.

I found out today that the govt of Canada is FINANCING A VIDEO GAME show on CABLE. They are using our tax money to pay for Electric playground a show in which a greasy man and another greasy man play video games all day and review them. It is based in Vancouver. At the end of each episode of said program, you see a “financed by your money by the govt of Canada” screen in black with the little Canadian flag.

They would subsidize this and Celine Dion for a company called GREEDY PRODUCTIONS, but when ordinary people building a search engine need risk cap from BDC, which is supposed to do that, they are all like, woah, no way. And they’re not even competent. Their employees wouldn’t know a search engine from Amazon from a hole in the ground. It’s like they just sprouted up out of Bugs Bunny’s rabbit hole and got a job at the BDC approving projects.

I could spit on Ottawa, but it wouldn’t be good enough. I will be so happy to be paying even the lower taxes to the US funding the BS that they do, because this BS makes me absolutely SICK. I can’t wait to move BeerCo to San Francisco in June.

Like I said, I don’t mind staying in Canada as long as I don’t make any income here. I don’t want to finance these people any more. It’s like financing a bunch of clowns. They take people’s hard work and they spit on it this way. It’s time I spit on govt of Canada and took my business elsewhere.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have to tank up the Corolla this morning. Guess how much in Quebec City? $45-50 fscking dollars. No joke. On a little Japanese sized gas tank. It’s just robbery. That’s all it is. People put up with it. I’m not. The gas doesn’t cost that much, there’s like 100% tax on it.

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