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Daily link December 3rd, 2007

Waiting for the kernel to compile is…

Fun, fun, fun!!!!

Debugging via rebooting constantly and using printk() is fun, fun, fun!!!

This is the price you have to pay to have Google speed. Google has Robert Love, we have me.

As soon as this part is over, I am going to celebrate. This is the biggest, and cheapest part of this engine. The other stuff is just distributed computing stuff that assigns tasks across multiple servers.

Daily link December 3rd, 2007

Why is it hard to get anything done in Canada? Why am I in a bad mood?

This doesn’t help. This is just the START of winter. I have driven on roads that had 5+ feet of snow piled up in them in the month of February.

This is part of why stuff is closed all the time in Canada. The other part is the lack of motivation, the oppressive taxes, and the general indifference that people have here. This is just the start of a very awful winter.

If I would have gotten more investment capital, I would have gotten ALL of us the hell out of here immediately, even before the contracts are up in June. Now I have to private beta our search in Siberia. :( I’ve had my fill of Siberia for a lifetime. I know this is nothing, but it’s only the 3rd of December, it gets a million times worse.


Al Gore is retarded.













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