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Daily link November 23rd, 2007

back from DQ

I just got back from eating a banana split at DQ.

I am now going to write out all millions and millions and millions of records as short data blobs in a dbm derived database, and I am going to SHOVE all the search index data into 255 chars or 255 * 8 bits, plus one long as the 64 bit key, in a super long hash.

This will cut down search accuracy about 80% (or more), but damn will it be way faster than (I got excited there) just as fast Yahoo and Google.

It will convert this project from an accurate search to a you may be pleasantly surprised search. What are you going to do. This is Canada. You can’t expect miracles here.

I’m leaving immediately after the dump starts. It will probably take a day or so anyway.

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