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Daily link November 22nd, 2007

Trying to switch to Oracle 11g is a total pain in the ass

I swear I’ve been on hold for hours now with really crappy music. The VAR or “value added resellers” Oracle has for Canada are actually OEMs as I found out that won’t sell you 11g if you don’t buy their REALLY overpriced hardware along with it. I feel like I am trapped in the retarded world of 1984.

Why does anyone buy this crap?

If I manage to get a human being and buy a license of 11g it will be a god dammed miracle, I mean oracle. This is as close to hell as one can get.

UPDATE: This is total 1984, both the George Orwell novel, and the actual year 1984 as I feel I have been jettisoned back there to experience the to days of PCDOS 1.0. This is totally un-2.0. It’s like Oracle never moved on with the rest of us.

5 more minutes and I give up.

I gave them more like 10. I wish I could stream the audio from my phone onto this blog so you could have heard this stuff. Oh well. I’m going to have to find another way to manage this.

UPDATE: I will have to up the RAM on the quad core machine to 8GB and store as many key indexes as possible. I think it’s actually Thanksgiving in the US today, but still. That’s not enterprise sales support.

I won’t be able to use the records DB this way for long, the custom DB is not yet ready, so right now I have no choice. There are too many records in, even for Oracle, and the boards that would support the mobo to keep billions of keys in RAM cost thousands of dollars just for the board alone. There is no good solution here except to try to make the best of the worst and keep as many keys as possible in 8GB ram on a commercial motherboard(< $200 each).

BTW, the DB just keeps the indexes, it doesn’t hold actual result data. The way it’s set up is really custom for huge data sets.

Gosh, Americans have Thanksgiving today. Happy Thanksgiving.

Daily link November 22nd, 2007

The spirit behind this search engine

2 years ago, a few months after launching our social networking website, I wondered what it would be like to work at Google.

Then I considered applying only to realize that Google is very far away, and that I have to stay here for a reason or 2. At that point, I decided I would need to make my own Google. That was when I started planning this search out. Some people may think I hate Google, but I really don’t. I like Google. I know the people who work there are typical overpaid Silicon Valley heartless snobs, but I still like it. I like the code and the functionality.

So I will bring that code and functionality to our search engine here on the east coast 2 hours east of Montreal here in our capital. Actually it will be located in Montreal, but will be controlled from here.

It will be our “Google”, and we can morph and shape it into something even newer and better that they didn’t think of.

UPDATE: Most people think of a “concept” like this(a website) as something like a website to sell baby food ect…. They put this into a business plan and convince people to give them money. Technology really doesn’t work that way. It’s about code bases. Once we have a code base similar to that of Google, we can make it into anything. Google could have been any number of things, with their data and code base. It didn’t have to be a search engine like that. We can take this massive code base and flavour it into whatever the soup du jour is a year from now when it’s 100% built up. The infrastructure will be there and will be strong enough to destroy any and all startups that want to build something from the ground up. All we will have to change is the interface. Bankers and VCs will never understand this because they have no knowledge of how code works. They think the interface IS the product. They also have no desire to learn. That being said with this type of massive infrastructure up, we will be able to really get on top of any hyped up technology of the day and just put a skin on our backend to make it trendy for the kids.

So back to the concept of the website to sell baby food. Is the one on shared hosting with 50k in VC going to beat ours that has a baby food skin on a massive back end with 50TB of data and a million lines of code going to win? No f’ing way. Why? Because we’ll have the entire internet in our coffers and can scan for the best baby food prices on earth, and bring you right to those deals instantly. That’s POWER.

That’s why it costs so much to build something like Google and so little to build a crappy baby food site with some CSS on $19 a month shared hosting. But most people can and will not understand this. They refuse to believe it because they couldn’t do anything about it even if they did understand. It would simply blow their minds.

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