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Daily link November 21st, 2007

Then there was the command center

Peeplr search engine star date Nov 21, 2007:

16 daemons running across 6-11 servers, each server does a different task and has it’s own set of daemons running 24/7 spawing thousands of processes limited by the box resources.

There is enough code for 50 or more people to maintain.

I am 1 person.

I need to create an intranet command center which monitors all of this activity and reports problems in a centralized way with notifications and events. If I do not build this, then all hell will break loose when a single thing goes wrong. This entire system is like a complicated traffic system in a busy metropolitan area. If one tanker truck with chems spills over on it’s side, it will cripple millions of vehicles.

The functionality that limits the daemons by measuring available system resources are the traffic lights, but sometimes we have accidents even with traffic lights.

So I must take even MORE time and build a command center that can handle this busy and disparate functionality across several machines, architectures, and databases. Even with a command center I will hardly be able to maintain all of this code, and this functionality.

I hope it makes some substantial money in this condition because there is no way I can expand it further by myself. It’s simply too big. too many lines of code, and too complex. Even with source control, it’s going to be too much for 1 single person.

Imagine a single person maintaining all of Google’s search functionality. I will do the best I can. I have to build a command center first. The command center won’t fix everything, but it will make it slightly less worse than it is now.

Daily link November 21st, 2007

What would I change at the BDC??

So this is what I would change to make the Business Development Bank of Canada more fair and less like the sponsorship scandal or other unfortunate happenings due to the Federal government in the past.


A. Set hard pre-requisites for risk capital approval. If the business meets those limits the bank must either give them the risk capital or state a VERY, VERY good reason for not doing so.

B. Make these prerequisites PUBLIC and make them available online so that businesses know the milestones they have to achieve before they go to the bank.

Here’s an example: A risk capital agent wants to deny X business doing research in artificial web intelligence, like say us, and wants to give it to his golf buddy who has a cheeseburger repair business, because his wife told him “that is the shiznit honey, I love cheeseburgers”.

Say somebody from Desjardins risk capital said that, and admitted it. That’s fine. That’s PRIVATE capital. The tax payers do NOT pay for Desjardins to stay in business. Desjardins was NOT chartered with Federal tax dollars. We, the Canadian public do NOT own Desjardins risk capital.

BUT If BDC, which is owned by the tax payers and is Federally chartered does that, then there is a HUGE problem, because that is a breach of public trust. I am not saying explicitly that they are, but I do suspect it. So I think there should be hard benchmarks in place, so that the system becomes fair for every applicant.

Otherwise, the BDC should be dissolved by the Federal government, and there should be no public tax funded risk capital system, like the United States. I will state this in the white paper I cc the MPs as well.

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