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Daily link November 19th, 2007

Why top down A-List blog publicity is not the best way

High power agencies that control the top blogs on Technorati, charge millions of dollars per year for internet campaigns.

For the same amount of money you can hire several thousand out of work telemarketers and have them span, facebook, myspace, delicious, ect… and get far greater Google coverage for the same money. Your bottom barrel posts will soon float to the top if they are in a high enough volume.

The savings would be extraordinary doing it this way, bottom -> up.

We are hiring the telemarketers for Peeplr search obviously because we couldn’t hire the high power publicists if we wanted to. It’s also a waste of money in comparison in my opinion.

As stated the minimum wage here is 8 bucks an hour, but that’s still far cheaper than hiring the publicists of Silicon Valley. We can make some room in the offices and give them old out of date machines to surf the net with.

Daily link November 19th, 2007

Opinions wanted???

You all know BeerCo is about to release a search engine.

Do you think we should let people white label it like Ning does for social networking and EZboard does for message boards?

Google, Yahoo and the others won’t allow that.

Would that put us over the edge?

It’s not hard to implement code-wise. As a matter of fact it’s retardedly easy. You just have to create an apache filter with a C httpd module template to hook the requests and route them to the handler when different domain hosts come in as requests. I did it for subdomains on already.

Piece of cake.

So should I? Would that give us domain control over Google customers or not?

I won’t lie. I want to beat Google. I honestly feel I’m better than they are.

BTW, you can sign up for the private beta here

If you sign up to to join the beta group, you will see that you can create your own subdomains for a group you create, a blog, a website, or your profile page.

This is the same principle. You just make an apache module to hook in requests to a host lookup table with GDBM or SQL. It’s childlike simplicity.

All mirrors are updated hourly, so the GDBM and or the SQL for the domain whitelabeling would be updated from the mothership just like the precompiled searches. Cake.

It would seem that the hurdle that has kept everybody from jumping on Google like they jumped on MySpace and Facebook with spin offs is the database costs. It’s like once you jump that hurdle you’re home free to start tearing up the market. We’re getting there rapidly. It’s really hard to get there, but once you do, you’re home free. It’s like you made it up to the higher plane, the empty castle and there are only about 4-5 people there.

Daily link November 19th, 2007

Monday morning video madness

Here’s an oldie but a goodie from the California band Metallica

Rise and shine it’s time to turn the machines on and start working!!! 

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