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Daily link November 18th, 2007

Filing a complaint with the BDC

After all this time, I am finally going to file a complaint against them. First with the ombudsman, and then if that doesn’t work, I will try the members of parliament which I personally have no faith in.

I already know how this is going to turn out. This exercise in futility is purely for blog content, but I will document it here on this blog as a testament to bad government. There is no real way to complain against them when they screw you. That’s the secret. You see, in Canada, they also run the complaints department, like 1984.

UPDATE: I almost forgot. I will share the basis of the complaint. The first part is that I was flatly given false information in the dismissal of our application. The 2nd part of the complaint is that there was no research or reasonable revision done in relation to the dismissal of our application. The 3rd part of the complaint is that we were not treated fairly compared to others that received federal funds under the charter.

I don’t expect much. I have seen judges look at charters in court here and dismiss them completely first hand to side with govt interests. This also happens in the US though.

Daily link November 18th, 2007

I’m getting a socket reset error

I am getting a socket reset error, and it’s really annoying. I am almost ready to leave, and I can’t seem to correct it.

Daily link November 18th, 2007

Mirror servers and Mothership servers now asynchronous

The mirror servers and mothership server are now asynchronous. Hooray. What a small accomplishment for such a boring weekend.

Now I have to take all the params out of the files and put them into some kind of administrator CP where they can be easily changed(instead of a .conf file). This is because once I set up the IP switch at the datacenter, I will have to change the entire configuration, and I do not want it to be difficult.

Having our servers at the datacenter instead of in our offices is going to be EXTREMELY painful for administration. Google for instance doesn’t really have to put up with this, nor does Microsoft generally, nor Yahoo.

Routing an OC-48 line into our office is undoable, so we have to put our rack of servers in the datacenter in Montreal. Again it’s like 2.5 hours away. I hate to do this. I can’t imagine what will happen if I have to reset the switch/router for whatever reason, or if I have another hardware related problem where I need to change the configuration. I do not have a lot of time to put these servers together and test them.

I think the govt of Canada should route tax money away from SOCAN and Celine Dion and channel it to us for a risk capital investment. At least give us our money back for 2005-2007. That would be far enough to hire like 5 more people. But no, shitty Celine Dion and her stupid rich husband are going to continue to get our cash.

Daily link November 18th, 2007

I ate a bowl of instant noodles for lunch

I ate one of those instant noodle bowls I previously blogged about for lunch.

I am so sick of writing code on weekends. I want to play my playstation 3.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Daily link November 18th, 2007

Peeplr marketing, plan B

What if plan A doesn’t work? What if we can’t contract people for very little money to do the viral marketing?

Well, there’s plan B:

A. put an ad online and the paper for out of work telemarketers or check the govt database for them

B. pay them minimum wage to sit in our office and become professional peeplr fanbois. This is especially a hurtful path for us to take because the minimum wage in Quebec is 8 bucks an hour.

C. Tell them to be the bestest Peeplr users in the god damned world. And to let everybody on the internets know about it.

D. Use pay per post

Daily link November 18th, 2007

Do you want to make some small time money?

I need people to start viral marketing the peeplr search engine on other websites. If you would like to make a little money via paypal to start spreading the name, please let me know.

It would include such things as:

A. starting “peeplr” groups on other websites

B. talking to people about peeplr

C. wearing peeplr branded gear

D. putting the peeplr widget on your profiles on other websites

Any serious inquiries about the post are welcome.

Please join the peeplr beta test group now

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