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Daily link November 17th, 2007

It’s almost 9PM and I didn’t get it done

I got pretty close though. I’m going to check out a cutie Avril video on the iMac and take off to go drink. I didn’t get a chance to grab some beers earlier and I am going to go catch up on that now.

It will get done tomorrow.

Daily link November 17th, 2007

Need more time to finish

I’m going to have to launch the search project in private beta. I have no choice because I need more time to finish the keyword sales panel.

Now I have to code stupid a private beta infrastructure. I need at least 10 other coders right now working round the clock. man….

Daily link November 17th, 2007

I’m staying here until 10PM tonight, on a Saturday

I am absolutely locking myself in the office tonight until the search mirror backup functionality is 100% done.

Screw reason. This is going to be done by the time I leave this office. I am going to grab some beer later for the mini-fridge, but that’s it. It’s a weekend.

Tomorrow, all that will be left is the user cp. Then I have to build the hardware and I’m home free. There still isn’t an adwords interface, but that can’t be helped right now.

Daily link November 17th, 2007

Early morning video to get the day going

So it’s about time for me to leave to work. I am up, almost showered, and I am going to leave you readers with a cool video from my native NYS. This was one of my favourite videos in high school, so I hope you like it.

Voici “Jump Around” from the short lived NY based House of Pain
If this doesn’t get you going, nothing will.

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