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Daily link November 15th, 2007

I won’t lie, I’m drunk right now

Yes, I am. I am home though and these are not work hours.

I was watching Avril Lavigne’s the best damn thing DVD, and I was like, damn, I’m proud to be Canadian. So to all of you that associate Canada with lumberjacks, Celine Dion, those stupid half head Canadian talky people from South Park and people who say “aboot” here’s a big fuck you.

Yeah we have a shitty government. Yeah we’re still under the titular rule of the Queen of England, but damn we have good hockey teams and beer. Damn.

Didn’t we beat the crap out of the US at the winter Olympics in both womens and mens hockey in 2002? Oh yeah, we totally did. Wayne Gretzky, Will Sasso, Rush; yeah Canada fucking rules. Even with our shitty govt and unnecessarily high taxes. I was considering going to the US of which I am also a citizen for a while, but then I considered that it rules so much more here in Canada that I’m staying.

UPDATE: I almost forgot my favourite show, Trailer Park Boys. Julien is my on screen hero.

Daily link November 15th, 2007

Rent-a-coder challenge, part 2

In a blog post last week, I wrote about a study I am doing to see what the differences were between Western world coders which make appx 85k per year and up, and coders in developing nations which make an average of about 3k per year.

Today as I promised them I am turning over the code tests and questionnaires. I am also listing them here. I have taken screenshots and documented the entire process for the research paper as well.



Code Tests

I admittedly didn’t spend much time on these. Probably about 30 minutes total. I am anxious to get this out and to get back to work on our search. So this is it, and I will let the powers that be do their thing. In 3 to 4 weeks, I should hopefully have some good data. At that time I will start organizing it into a white paper, and get the sucker out there so people can have some factual data to compare with.

Daily link November 15th, 2007

Couple cool videos to start out the day

You’ve probably already seen these Weird Al videos as they’re pretty old, but I’m posting them anyway. I’m also a huge Avril Lavigne fan so I’m posting her latest video “hot” and another cool one. I don’t care if she plagarized, she’s a “hot” Ontarian skater chick. I’d skate at her park any day of the week. 

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