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Daily link November 14th, 2007

I’m changing the architecture of the precompiler

I am eliminating uplinkd. The reason is simple, why would you update mirror servers every hour with cached results when your result compiler may cycle every 2-3 hours? No, no, that makes no sense, how silly of me. So now I am putting the keyword downloader logically in front of the result compiler in sequence, then I am putting the uplink logic after a single cycle of the compilation phase so that the mirrors are only updated when there is a full set of new compiled search data.

Otherwise it could be updating old data, and that’s dumb. Compiling can’t be rushed or timed in this case. Perhaps when we get some more computing power I can work on that. Not on these machines though. It will all be sequential now. I should have thought of that before, but I didn’t. Putting all the /etc/init.d/serviceD’s together has made me realize that there needs to be adjustments.

Wow this is boring. This is like getting dental work done.

Daily link November 14th, 2007

Some guy from Dallas called this morning

So some producer guy from Dallas calls with this THICK southern accent. My sister actually lives in Georgia, so I’m used to it, but MAN.

So anyway, he calls up asking if we want to be in a business demo presentation for Canadian companies to be presented on CTV in Toronto infomercial style near prime time early next year. I was like, darn, why doesn’t CTV just do this directly? It turns out it’s some kind of venture where they buy low cost spots on CTV and then have each company pay $24,000 in order to appear in it. Then they have some has been hockey player host the special. I won’t say who.

I almost wanted to say something like:

“I just bought a pie for $5, and I would like to sell you a slice for $10 and have it served to you by Brett Favre, are ya in Mister?”

BUT, I held my tongue, as rare as that is. I politely explained that appearing on Television at any price but free would be a total waste of money for us since I am releasing a search engine, and since people find search engines by the search bar being available on the internet, not in TV land. Also that we are blowing a load on bandwidth fees starting next month. Not to mention if we did appear on Canadian TV, it would only be for a Canadian company like CTV proper and not somebody buying infomercial style time on the network. It may not always be good, but at least you know CTV will be fair. This offer was more like an advertisement style thing, which I’m really not into. We could buy our own airtime and do that.

sigh, going back to work now..

BTW, I LOVE Marcia McMillan, she’s so hawt. I tune in just to watch whatever boring crap she has to say.

Daily link November 14th, 2007

Steve who? So what’s on tap for today?

Well, our iMac, iPods, iLife, iThisAndThat now has some company. I find it amusing that this genius never so much as wrote a line of “Hello world” code on any of these products. Wozniak did it all, and Steve apparently was his agent, oh aside from selling *cracker blue boxes to defraud AT&T of long distance fees, who he is now partnered with on the iPhone. I don’t respect that. Even with his many unending faults and though I disagree with him on everything, I respect Bill Gates more than him. So hate me if you must fan bois of teh Apple.

*”Wozniak and Steve Jobs sold blue boxes to fellow students at the University of California, Berkeley.”

… because it’s only bad when other people do it. I won’t even go into LISA. Is that really an acronym?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I’d actually rather talk to a programming jailbird with skill than a glorified used car salesman. Of course I would rather not spend time with either.

So, moving on. What am I working on today? Well, today I am finishing the search result compiler and I am going to start weaving it all together in real time. This shouldn’t take too long, probably a few days. When it’s done, I am going to do what I can for the keyword sales interface. I do not expect to complete it on time. Even God can’t code that fast.

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