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Daily link November 12th, 2007

shiftd, what the hell is that?

/etc/init.d/shiftd is a service that runs on mirrors that accepts TCP connections from the mamma server and receives huge *ss tar.gz files full of precompiled searches, then uncompresses them to their locations, and also sends back down lists of searches for the next scheduled compiling. The connector is uplinkd on the mothership server.

All this is nauseating me. I am going to leave 30 minutes early today to grab some pepto bismol.

I always wondered what kind of complete no life office dweller could ever build a search engine on his own. Now I know. Sigh.

I almost feel like this guy, except this project actually has a good chance of success. Actually I feel more like *Linus and less like that guy. Yes, I hope so anyway.

* Linus in the sense that he successfully made the Linux kernel, and not in the sense that this is GPL.

Daily link November 12th, 2007

Sharing the breathtaking view from my office

Canada, oh the wonders of nature. The scenery is just awe striking. Nothing depicts this more than the view from my office. Drown yourselves in the beauty that can only be described as an office park.

This place should be renamed “The Estate”, no no, “The Silicon Estate Prestige”

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Daily link November 12th, 2007

Not going to talk about Google Android

All the other bloggers are talking about it. Me? Nope, I have no comment.

SDK, Developer support? Google just won the mobile phones market. It’s that simple. I would equate it to a rich guy winning the lottery.

Daily link November 12th, 2007

BeerCo is funding a white paper on Freelance outsourcing

A lot of people use freelance outsourcing at RAC, elance and other services, but are they throwing their money away? Since this week we are on a string of “firsts”, such as the first search engine based in Canada that we are about to release, let’s do another first!

The first white paper study of 3rd party outsourced code to 3rd world developing nations. What are people actually buying? What are the qualifications of these people to write software? We will take samples and analyze them along with answers to a questionnaire that should help people shine some light on this dark and dirty issue.

Are BILLIONS of dollars being put to waste each year on 3rd world programmers that can not complete projects to specifications? This is a massive question with no real answer, until now. Sure there are white papers on huge companies like Microsoft which actually set up code factories in India, or Dell which sets up outsourcing phone support in Malaysia. The difference is, they actually spend millions of dollars on hiring and training these people in house. When x,y,z VC and independent entrepreneur needs help and they don’t want to pay for a typical 85K+ US salary, they may use this service, to disasterous ends with no research done to help guide a positive decision.

So I think the goals of this project are pretty clear now and I hope that the data is useful once published. Look for a blog post with the finished white paper in mid December. I will link to it on this blog and a new “white papers” section of the website will be created to host it.

I hired a sample coder from Malaysia, one from India, and another from Eastern Europe represented by Romania to get a broad slice of what is available and to collect data.

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DISCLAIMER: We’re doing this research for all of our customers, future and present. We’re going to let you duck so that we take the swing and hit for you, and give you nice, neat and orderly research stats and summarizations. We’ll let you know exactly how much it hurt. We know the cost of doing business, and we want you to know too.

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