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Daily link November 10th, 2007

Web 2.0 starts to die down

As written by Anne Zelenka here:

” A couple of weeks ago, Edelman marketing strategist Steve Rubel declared the Web 2.0 world to be skunk drunk on its own Kool Aid. But I’ve seen signs of sobriety recently. “

Why didn’t I choose to have us work on a Facebook application or something to do with trendy flash media server video distribution? Why not an SMS aggregator like Twitter?

Now Anne says that the market isn’t that saturated. I think she’s absolutely wrong. Interoperability is nice, but not when it has no business goal like most of these startups. You only need so many websites to tell you where the bathrooms in your city are via mobile phone map. It’s not important to most people. You can’t sustain a business based on showing people where toilets are, or letting them SMS that they just popped a pimple. When the risk capital on these runs out, so will the business, even with smaller funding.

I chose to have us create a search engine, because people will always be trying to find ways of getting to the sweet spot on the internet that has what they are looking for. They will always use tools that organize great quantities of data. Otherwise, the internet will become useless to most people. I see a future where more and more companies will be creating the same type of technology as us. Where they gather indexes of the internet and find new ways of creating maps of the internet. Differently than Google is doing it.

That type of project takes way more money and skill and is not cheap to execute though, so there will be less of them. Right now coming out of the gate is our search, Powerset, Gigablast and Cuill. We of course are the most underfunded and over-talented of the bunch. :)

UDPATE: I just checked on this. Next month when our search launches, we will have created the first and only Canadian search engine(not directory). Nobody else in this whole country of 33,390,141 people could pull their shit together to build a search engine. We will have done it with no govt grants or funding. I would challenge the kids at McGill and Concordia to top that.

The minute our search engine goes live we will have beaten the Canadian “curse”(cough) that has kept this entire country search-engine-less for over a decade.

Daily link November 10th, 2007

A weekend look around the blogosphere

So, it’s been a long week here. The employees have, as always been working their fingers to the bone getting their customer accounts up2date. I’m wrapping up the search engine, slamming the Federal govt yet again, and duly so, and I’m taking a look at blogs around the internet.

Firstly, we take a look at Rory Blyth talking about a planned visit to the SWSoft, makers of Plesk and Parallels. We are actually a paying customer of SWSoft and use Parallels for Mac OSX Leopard.

Then we have a look at Marc Andreessen, talking about his donation to Stanford medical.

Chris Pirillo talks about an addictive new game for Linux.

Techcrunch talks about VOIS, yet another one of the millions of social networking clones, except this time with yet a new twist. OMFG, another social networking twist, WOW. This is a social networking site who’s company is publicly traded. Yawn. Marc H. from TC talks about a new online excel like database. Double Yawn.

UPDATE: Mashable takes a look at the top 20 sites for US Democrats

Readwriteweb talks about a new live file sharing app in beta and does a weekly wrapup

O’Reilly Rader talks about global VC

Daily link November 10th, 2007

Are you Canadian? Do you want to help?

In January this guy from the BDC, Sylvain Savaria rejected our request for non-reimbursable assistance for our projects.

He informed me that the BDC would not invest in businesses based on Linux or Open Source platforms despite that being the platform used for 75% of all web technologies and enterprise server deployments. He is not “with it” at all. He seemed lost and confused as a matter of fact.

Je tiens à vous remercier pour la discussion de ce matin et d’avoir échangé ouvertement sur le secteur Linux. Comme nous avons convenu que votre opportunité était malheureusement en conflit potentiel avec un autre de nos investissements dans le secteur nous n’irons pas plus loin dans l’analyse de votre dossier du côté d’une prise de participation au capital de votre entreprise. - Sylvain Savaria

Our project for Dark Energy TM(USPTO registered) for a new 100% (Open)GLX vector based drawing Linux widget toolkit, which is still under development soon to be released was in fact not in conflict with the other companies BDC was funding. This was just a text reply. When I called him I got the whole 9 yards on the “no Linux” rabble. Google is based on Linux, and so are 75% of top websites. He didn’t seem to know or care. I didn’t even bother to submit a plan for the search engine because he was being so unreasonable.

All machines run on a stripped-down Linux kernel. The distribution is Red Hat, but Hoelzle said Google doesn’t use much of the distro. Moreover, Google has created its own patches for things that haven’t been fixed in the original kernel.

And mind you I am cleaning up what he actually cited to me for the viewing public a lot. I got an even worse response from the minister of public works responsible for the Federal govt buying technology.

If you work at govt of Canada or you are Canadian and you want to see your tax money fund something cool and not stuff like SOCAN funding Celine Dion to the tune of millions of your dollars and garbage like that, please write to Ottawa and let them know. No, you don’t have to write a letter, you can email them or call them. BDC is our tax money and it’s supposed to fund our projects, not those of wealthy industrialists. Please help change this so that we can all benefit from our tax money, instead of a select few and their good friends.

If you happen to do deal with them, this is about what you can expect; pretty out of touch. I feel this picture sums it up well:

Daily link November 10th, 2007

Almost home free

So yesterday I told you about compiled, a daemon that compiles commonly searched words and phrases on the master server.

As soon as I finish that, all that’s left is uplinkd, a service that uploads all the precompiled search results from the master server to the mirror servers that do nothing to feed httpd, with lighttpd. It takes a list of intranet IPs from a gigabit LAN and on schedule feeds them new search results.

These 2 services are not horribly hard to finalize. That being said I am almost to the point where I can get the rest of the hardware needed, and start to build it, and logically separate the 7-8 software daemons that have until now, all been working on the same machine. Such as there will need to be a dedicated machine just to serve any picture data, ect… This will most likely be set up as a network file system on LAN for ease of use.

It’s the 10th right now so if the parts come in soon I won’t be in too bad shape. The money situation is really cramping this badly, but I think I can make it on a crippled platform to start out with. Like maybe only 6 servers instead of 12. 3 mirrors, plus 1 power comp, plus 1 mothership, plus 1 media server. That should do it for now.

The US exchange rate rose back up to .94, which is still horribly bad, but not as bad as .91

I think I may have some time to do the keyword sales interface after all. Though I know it won’t be something highly usable since I will have about a week to code it and even the best code monkey in the world can’t pull that off.

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