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Daily link November 9th, 2007

The ranking daemon is flooring the CPU

Our ranking daemon rankd is flooring the CPU. Yes, I put a resource meter that limits it when resources get below a configurable threshold, but boy does it get there fast. Wow! I am shocked. I just installed it today. There’s no fat or leeway to cut away either, it really is that demanding on the machine resources outright.

I can’t wait to see /etc/init.d/compiled in action now. The load average is going to be something like 30-50% at that point.

I hope people realize why we needed so many servers.This project is going to take an obscene amount of computing power compared to what I’ve done in the past on one or two 1Us. An obscene amount of bandwidth as well, and this is just for the small search. I actually don’t think we’ll make it to the big search engine unless I can force out an adwords clone and start selling keywords before the end of the year.

I am so not digging having to pay for an unmetered 100 megabit duplex line. That’s really costly. I hate it because we are getting crunched right now. We can’t avoid a medium pipe like 100MBPS if even the minisearch is to be released. That’s as unavoidable as taxes and other fixed costs. And it’s just as costly. I think I’ll throw our social networking site up on that pipe while we’re paying for it. Our poor users have been on a freaking cable modem for the past 5 months.

Daily link November 9th, 2007

Fedora 8 is to become a platform for Linux distributions

As written by CNET:

“The reason: Red Hat wants Fedora to be a foundation for those who want to build their own Linux products on a Fedora foundation. With Fedora 8, that’s easier, because all the Fedora-specific elements are wrapped up into one neatly optional package, said project leader Max Spevack.

Red Hat is releasing Fedora 8 Thursday.

(Credit: Phoronix)

“It becomes really easy to have a built-from-Fedora distribution that is branded in your own way,” Spevack said.”

This is really interesting. Instead of being just a user based distro for servers and home, it’s aiming to become a platform for rolling your own brand of Linux. It’s definitely an attractive proposition if all the necessary framework tools are included for doing that easily. I can’t wait to try this release and see what Red Hat has been cooking with FC8!

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