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Daily link November 8th, 2007

An example of clean HTML code

I recently saw this example
of clean HTML code on Digg. It shows a basic HTML page and goes on line by line describing the code.

It is sometimes important to write clean looking and valid XHTML and HTML code in order to make sure it renders properly in most browsers. Of course IE has some problems with standards, but by assuring that your code is cleanly written it gives you a better chance of it looking right in most browsers.

Our home page and website for example checks out in the w3 validator. That is a good tool to use when coding HTML by hand. You can also use tools like tidy to clean up bad looking HTML automatically.

Daily link November 8th, 2007

20 days of Toyota driven HELL - a defect with 2007 Corollas

As I wrote about yesterday there is a defect with the 2007 Corolla’s onboard computer as stated to me by our Toyota dealer when I reported the problem with ours.

Instead of giving me a courtsey vehicle or trying to temporarily fix the problem, they told me to pay $40 for an oil change they previously told me was free from 4 months ago AND they told me that they ordered a new $932(+labour cost) computer for the car and that it could only be replaced on the 27th of November. This means that I have to spend a thousand dollars or more for plane fare and a car rental to go to a business event in Boston on the 16th instead of driving our company car there. It’s only 5 hours away from here ( No longer going )

This after the company spent OVER TWENTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS for this piece of !$%#@ Japanese automobile and a 120KM bumper to bumper guaranty. There was no notification of a recall and they didn’t even bother to tell me about this problem via my email or phone.

This was the first time I bought a Japanese car and it will be the last.

The problem returned today as you can see in these pictures, and the car is now shifting speeds uncontrollably. If I die, I want somebody to show this blog post to 20/20 or 60 minutes and get some justice on this issue. I’m not saying I will, as I will try to compensate(I used to ride dirt bikes), but if I do. I have to drive this car for 20 days in this condition now until the appointment on the 27th. We are not a rich company and this is our only vehicle. Money is a little tight right now with a super low USD, in which we receive funds, and a huge bandwidth bill coming in the next months, so I can’t get a vehicle I have fixed. This car is a 2007 model Toyota Corolla and has 40km and was driven very reasonably.

I believe the computer on the car controls a lot of functions including fuel intake, spark plug fires and a whole host of things that used to be controlled by mechanical parts. The fact that the IC board is so bad it has to be replaced completely makes me scared. I am never buying Jap again. First kamikaze pilots, now cars.

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Daily link November 8th, 2007

Our search is launching without a keyword sales interface

I can’t do it. I don’t have 12 arms. I won’t make it for launch. This thing is going to go live sucking huge bandwidth costs with no revenue model what so ever. I will try to get the keyword sales interface up as soon as possible. If Google launches a clone shortly after I need to say we were first. This has been under development for months.

I need the world to know that Google copied us and not the other way around if it comes to that. Be damned monetizing.

It’s actually more important than making a few thousand dollars early.

Daily link November 8th, 2007

UK company True Knowledge is the first out of the gate with a natural language search engine

As reported on by Mike Arrington of Techcrunch this morning:

“Cambridge, UK based True Knowledge released its natural language search engine into private beta yesterday. “

This is about the same thing that the California based Powerset is trying to do. It’s interesting that they got this out first. It will surely negatively impact Powerset whether theirs includes a full web index or not in the short run.

then goes on with:

“At first glance True Knowledge and Powerset are competitors - but in fact they really aren’t. Powerset is both indexing the web and working to convert natural language queries into database-understandable queries. True Knowledge is only tackling half the problem - the conversion of queries. They are not indexing the web.”

Q: Why would it effect them negatively in the short run?

A: Because people are shallow and they don’t care about the servers behind the interface. Eventually the advantage of grabbing results from a full index will over power True Knowledge though.

I bet you’re wondering if this will effect our search engine? Are we too late? Did the Brits beat us to the punch like Powerset? Of course the hell not. The only company barring a crazy, out of character act by Microsoft Corp that could sink our boat is Google. I don’t know if they are planning to or not. I am afraid frankly and I am rushing to get this out now.

Good luck True Knowledge, and god speed!

We can always use a better way to find things on the internet.

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