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Daily link November 7th, 2007

aQuantative, DoubleClick, now the followers are lining up, AOL next

After the purchases of DoubleClick by Google, and aQuantative by Microsoft, the trend chasers are now lining up to buy 3rd best ad networks.
This time in line is AOL, after having lost a lot of money and prestige, is chasing the wave with a 2 months late me too attempt by purchasing Quigo.

Two months is relatively quick for web trend chasing though. Some big companies have a wait and see approach that leaves them a solid year or two behind after the trend has already passed. They could have built this themselves had they not fired almost half their employees. It is true that ready made software is much cheaper than paying for R&D though. Perhaps they are saving money.

Daily link November 7th, 2007

A big thank you to the readers of this blog

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This blog is now in the top 100k websites in the 4 biggest IT markets in the world.
I’d like to thank all the readers and the RSS subscribers for your patronage. You ARE the BeerCo Software Blog!

I appreciate every minute you spend here reading,
Chris R.

Daily link November 7th, 2007

I dropped the tranny on our 2007 Corolla this morning

Our Toyota dealer is only 2 exits away from BeerCo and the tranny let go right before their exit. I guess I was lucky. I spent over an hour this morning there, and I just got in. Everything is going wrong this morning. I DID put 40k kilometers on it in a single year, but I had business appointments to attend. It’s a 2007 for god’s sake. This is f’ing horrible. I told them I am going to Boston on the 16th for the Techcrunch event and to distribute BPs and DVDs of our new search to investors and they said they don’t know if I will get the car back for that time. My personal car has a HUGE problem with the brakes and I don’t know how I am going to get to work anymore. The city bus doesn’t go as far as where I live.

With all the money we are losing on the US/Canada exchange rate, I can’t really spend all the money on a rental car either. I will have to work remotely, IF I can get home today.

I am releasing the search at the beginning of December and we need the money to pay the 3k per month bandwidth.

This is nothing short of horrible. Good or bad, in this case bad, when it rains it pours at BeerCo. There’s only so much of this a company can handle. Our payments are still in USD, and it’s still going down at a landslide pace.

If I was GW Bush, it would be vacation time right now. I’m not GW Bush.

I’m going to have to work from home until they fix this, and who knows how long that will take.

UPDATE: They said it wasn’t the transmission, that the onboard computer failed and that IT caused the transmission to randomly change speeds. In my desperation I am going to go back to get the car at 11AM and I am going to drive it in that condition to work every day. They said that I will not be able to get it fixed to drive to Boston on the 16th. So I will have to rent a car if I want to go hand out some BPs and DVDs for our search engine. I hope it doesn’t shift gears as I’m braking for a stop or a traffic light, in other words I hope this condition doesn’t cause an accident.

They said they ordered a new computer this morning, and they said it can take anywhere from 1-30 days for it to come in, and they said that even when it does they have to schedule an appointment to replace it days after that.

He said that he has had to fix a similar problem on a few 2007 Corollas and he said that computer failure was common for our model of car, even at 40KM. I wish somebody would have told me that before I purchased it for us. I thought Corollas had good reputations as reliable cars. No one is going to reimburse us for the rental, and life goes on as it can.

UPDATE2: Rory, if you were ever considering actually helping me out, now would be the time buddy. At least write some code. Come on.

UPDATE3: Got the car, at least they got the check engine soon light off, and the transmission appears to be functioning normally for the ride back. They still haven’t fixed it though. I saw part of the bill for the part and it alone was over $1000. Thank f’ing god I got the bumper to bumper 7 year/120km(guess which will come first?) on this steaming hunk of Japo-tech.

UPDATE4: The part alone would have cost $900+ as seen here. I fear how much the labour would cost(they still haven’t billed that). They also billed us for an oil change I got 4 months ago saying it was no longer free? I shut up and paid it. I figured I was on a roll so what the hell. I seriously hope there is no deductible. WTF good is a bumper to bumper warranty then if there is? I don’t think there is though that’s just speculation. What a day. Mind you this car is essentially brand new.

UPDATE5: I am waiting for somebody to run into my office with a flame thrower to bring everything to a climax.

UPDATE6: My appointment to get this overpriced and underdeveloped part put in is the 27th of November, well after TechCrunch in Boston on the 16th. I am trying to find a rental place that will let me drive it across the border to the US. I am getting back to working on the search engine.

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