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Daily link November 5th, 2007

100 million indexes per day???? WTF, I’m jealous

TechCrunch reports that some copyright infringement software similar to Sergey Brin’s COPS system sweeps 100M indexes per day.

“Attributor is already indexing 100 million Web pages a day (15 billion total so far), but it is not a keyword index. It looks for bigger blocks of content. Right now, it can handle only text. Images are in beta.”

Ours does like 1 million per 2 days on 10MBPS in our little office with a cable modem and a Cisco router and most of those are false positives. When we switch to 100MBPS full duplex Dec 1, it will be slightly better, but still sucky. 10x better would mean 10 million every 2 days or 5 million per day. False positives are stored though so they are not indexed again on the next sweep.

I’m jealous of those with 1GBPS+ lines. It’s just not fair. I’m afraid the best we’re going to be able to do at launch is 100MBPS unmetered on our AYBABTU(all your base are belongs to us) server.

Daily link November 5th, 2007


Don’t believe everything you read on this blog.

There I said it now I will move on and entertain like a good blogger should.

Daily link November 5th, 2007

Google just announced Android and the Open handset Alliance

As reported by Techcrunch,

‘Despite all of the very interesting speculation over the last few months, we’re not announcing a Gphone. However, we think what we are announcing — the Open Handset Alliance and Android — is more significant and ambitious than a single phone. In fact, through the joint efforts of the members of the Open Handset Alliance, we hope Android will be the foundation for many new phones and will create an entirely new mobile experience for users, with new applications and new capabilities we can’t imagine today.’

I already knew this was coming, did you?

Daily link November 5th, 2007

I’m leaving work as soon as an employee comes in.

I’m going home. Somebody is coming through the door now.

UPDATE: I am catching up on some lost sleep but will be at work at 3PM to start and finish the new business plan before I go to Boston.

Daily link November 5th, 2007

I’m re-writing our Business plan based on keyword sales today

I’m using my trusty old software from Palo Alto called business plan pro to create a new business plan today.

I have done this a couple times in the past but today is different. Today I’m not using the Canadian version anymore. Today I am using the American version of BPP. I’m also creating a video presentation of our new technology to be printed on DVDs with lightscribe. I am making about 5-6 copies of the BP and DVDs and I am getting ready to roll.

I am also going to look at getting a manager for BeerCo Software so that I may work on R&D in the US. That would be the best case scenario anyway. I don’t know who would accept the pay, but I’m positive I will find somebody after a long candidate screening process.

I will have to leave a sick relative here, which is part of the reason I’m here right now. It really sucks, but I can’t deal with this anymore. The federal govt and the other corporations are poking holes in the hull of the BCS ship constantly and with intent, and I don’t have a pail big enough to get the water out. If I can’t get a tax break for 3-4 employees doing R&D that essentially drain income, like Mederic, myself and Steve, then I can’t continue with this project here.

Employees that do research and activities that are not related to gross earnings should not have to have double tax from the company side. That’s insane. That’s been going on for over a year here. The 15% sales tax is insane, and that has made me slightly insane. I need some warm weather and nice environment. I need somebody else to manage the unmanageable, and then yell at him or her for not doing a good enough job. At least he or she won’t be building a search engine salted through their other duties.

Everyone in the Federal govt here, should either ship up, stop the corruption or be lined up and shot.

I think the govt should cut us a check and give us all our money back that they took unduly on the R&D. We had no say in the laws and this govt is still under the command of the Queen of England.

“(10) “Her Majesty”, “His Majesty”, “the Queen”, “the King” or “the Crown” means the Sovereign of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories, and Head of the Commonwealth;”

This country is fucked up. We have people here we didn’t even elect. None of the ministers that decide our fate here are elected at all. And they all are tied into

A. the mafia(I wish I was joking)

B. US Corps that simply pay them off

C. other illicit ties, such as was demonstrated by Paul Martin and Jean Cretien with their pay for bullshit, but totally get away with it “scandal”

Nope, I am done here, sick relative or not. I can only take so much of this at one time. Other people grin and bare it, but I am totally fed up right now. Perhaps I can take more in the future when I have cleansed myself of this past 10 years.


“Of all which Our Loving Subjects and all others whom these Presents may concern are hereby asked to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly,

In Testimony Thereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed,

GIVEN the Twenty-eight day of May in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty-Three and in the Second Year of Our Reign
By Her Majesty’s Command

Prime Minister of Canada

God save the Queen”

How can you possibly justify that?

They’re not your loving subjects, they fucking hate your guts.

BTW, I also spoke directly to the ministers in Ottawa as did other employees. I wish anything that they could receive the brunt or backside of their own actions and corruption. But as most of you know that never happens. Bad guys win in Canada. They had to pull Conrad Black to fucking Chicago to get him to fess up to what he did. They would have NEVER touched him here. That was corporate. Imagine what the ministers and MPs get away with.

Every single agency in Canada, be it MERX or BDC or whatever are all window dressing for a lottery nobody will ever win, that’s fixed. Some people aren’t dual citizens and live paycheck to paycheck. They can’t afford to leave or to do better. I wish I could improve this country and not just leave, but there’s nothing else to do. I’m going to try to find somebody to do this job for about 15k per year, and put it on autopilot. I am going to try to take my search tech and just go and develop it in a friendly environment instead.

Daily link November 5th, 2007

Looking to relocate the search project to the United States

I need to relocate this search engine project to the United States. Since it has no set monetary value(except to me, oh my dear sweet search engine), the company can sell the rig and the trademarks and patent assignments away to an American company for $1.

The reason nothing good ever comes out of Canada except for 100% tax leeched projects like the Canadarm and shitty Celine Dion(SOCAN funded even when she was rich) is because the environment here for R&D is super hostile. I worked on R&D all year as did 3 other people on other projects and we GET ZERO tax breaks. I still have to pay all the taxes on 3 people that ate tens of thousands in income, including myself. Not only do they make you pay these insane taxes(50+% income + 15% sales tax + workers comp + mandatory insurance) , but they make you pay them IN ADVANCE. Meaning that our 2007 taxes are already paid, and we didn’t even finish the year yet.

Then you have the currency problem and other factors that make Canada, and especially Quebec, the most hostile business environment in North America. Some businesses here in Quebec City actually have different lower prices than in other places in Canada, because people here are so broke compared to Ontario and BC.

I need to transfer all the IP and equipment to the US so we can take advantage of R&D perks, the “Delaware Corporation” breaks and finish this or fix it if it’s released in a bad way, which is probably going to be the case. I am still going to the Techcrunch Boston event on the 16th and hopefully somebody can get this good project out of this horribly bad place.

Thanks for enduring this one reality post, I really sincerely appreciate it. I like to be entertained and get good news just like you and I appreciate the suckiness of reality TV/blogging such as this post.

Before you wonder where the Development bank of Canada is, like they are supposed to be, the BDC will not fund any type of internet based technology project. I had a lengthy conversation with one of their reps when we submitted a plan for our UI toolkit for Linux. The BDC is just a front for rich corporations to receive even more money here. It’s a tax burden and a joke. They don’t help ordinary people.

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