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Daily link November 3rd, 2007

Blockbuster is going out of business, wow!

I guess Blockbuster is going out of business after trying to compete with netflix and survive in the age of digital media.

“Worse, it has closed 526 stores in the past year, and the number of employees will be reduced to offset high overhead costs to the tune of $45 million”

The liquidation will be a nice buy for a company that needs a large scale national location expansion for cheap.

The horrible thing about business that involves technology is that you either have to adapt or die which is very difficult unless you work for the government. Blockbuster is dying. Goodbye Blockbuster.

Daily link November 3rd, 2007

To British or not to British, that is the question?

So I know some of you note that I use both spellings of English words. Being half Canadian, and half American means that I can choose which spelling I want.

Do I want to spell it color or colour?

Flavour or flavor?

Center or Centre?

Program or Programme?

While these little grammar quips can be a pain to read through, especially if you mix and match them, I find that when I digress and ignore the dictionary and use words like those found in young people’s text messaging lingo, and stuff like l33t-speak I have a better experience communicating broadly. As long as you can sound it out and kind of understand, that’s the goal, that’s what language is about.

Here in Quebec for example the French is VERY different from the French used in France. I know because I went there and talked to actual French people in 2005, also talked to French people in London in 2006 and at the Wacken festival near Hamburg Germany in summer 2007. So here in Quebec they mix in a lot of English into every day language, like 20-30% of Quebec-French is actually English pronounced with a French accent. While this can seem like a hinderance, it’s actually practical, because it saves people here time. Most of the newer words are found on TV and the internet, and instead of looking up the French word for it, people just listen and repeat the English word as they heard it in French.

It works well here. I find that mixing Canadian/British English and American English has a similar positive effect.

Daily link November 3rd, 2007

Music thieves buy more music than non-thieves in Canada

This report on file sharing isn’t really surprising.

The quality of illegal downloads on limewire, ect…. are far less than those of CDs as most of us know. So the same people that download crappy quality mp3s could and usually do repurchase the music on iTunes or on CD if they really like it. This does mean that less samplers are sold because you can sample the music for free online now. It just means that people are really buying what they like now adays and not just random crap put out by the labels.

I almost started this blog post with an opinion favourable to the RIAA, then I caught myself just in time, and realized the foolishness of their position.

Daily link November 3rd, 2007

Threshold on action - $0.90

I am going to wait until the US dollar drops below $0.90 CAD before I take action. I feel that this is really the marker that will tell that the US is going into a depression like period, and to take action such as move that business to a lower cost location in the US while I continue to work on search here.

It’s never been as low as $0.93 in the history of the US and Canada, so if it goes below $0.90 all bets are off, and that’s the sign that something has to be done immediately. It has also fell to 0.93 USD cents on the Australian dollar. Some economists say it will bounce back next year and others say no.

As a programmer and not a financial analyst I really don’t know who to believe, so I am setting the arbitrary amount of 90 cents as a trigger for an action on my side.

Taking action could take a month or two, but at $0.90 I will start to plan to fix the situation and implement that plan instead of just worrying about it like right now. If this was just more currency fraud, and they are just trying to get that sweet penny out of currency markets before jumping it back up then fine. If this is really a depression and not currency fraud, or if the currency fraud is actually launching a depression then that is another story. That would require remedy.

Problem solved.

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