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Daily link November 2nd, 2007

Prime minister Harper’s radio address

In a radio address I listened to earlier while changing in the men’s locker room of the Nautilus Plus gym, Stephen Harper, the prime minister of our constitutional Monarchy here in Canada, said that he will do nothing to fix the currency fraud and that it was the job of the Bank of Canada. I have dealt with the Development Bank of Canada, and I must say they will do absolutely nothing so long as their American friends tell them to screw us.

He said that our “strong” economy can take a good and long beating for the USA. Well Harper, you retard, you’re wrong and I’m saying so on this blog read by thousands and thousands of people around the world.

So in light of the economic ruin bestowed upon us by said imperial retard these are our new business goals.

A. Shift contracts to lower cost platform

B. Collect as much credit card info as unhumanly possible by offering free trials on keywords for our mini search, but only if they give their credit card data up on HTTPS:// and if they agree to a billing agreement that says they can now purchase more keywords with one single click agree to have us automatically rebill their cards at a 2 week intervals as soon as their trial funds run out without any further consent and until they manually come and stop it via their account settings. They enter the CC data for the free trial, then they never have to enter it again when they actually buy some.

I am setting a target and milestone of 1 hundred thousand credit card numbers in our DB by New Years.

C. Persist said credit card data so people can purchase more keywords with a single click let their trail expire and have the automatic post trial fund billing commence. Store the CC data encrypted and securely of course.

D. Make the experience so pleasant tolerable people are happy to click that button and renew their service agreement will be willing to submit their CC info for the free trial thus giving us unlimited money just like Google, everybody’s search heros.

E. Eliminate any click fraud, and minimize angry customers.

F. Reduce labour and increase monetization(by reducing labour costs, computers as salespeople are cheap, people are expensive)

G. Advertise the service on as many friend sites as possible and get them to make the search the default search for the website even if we have to actually give them something.

H. Destroy everyone and everything that gets in our way. ;)

Daily link November 2nd, 2007

Pushed to release

We’re going to have to release our search engine’s mini search feature without any good way to sell keywords now to make up the revenue we lost.

Basically in 2 weeks, I can probably code up a keyword sales interface that looks pretty bad and barely works, then polish off the rest of it and drive the stuff to Montreal and chuck it in the datacenter.

At this point we pretty much have to. Our bot isn’t even done yet for the mini so we’ll have to expose as much data as we have and just expose more data as we have it. I think if I just throw it up there I can get it out by Dec 1.

I’m actually afraid that if our keyword sales interface doesn’t look nice enough people will be apprehensive about entering credit card data to pay or to get a free trial. This so sucks so bad. We’re going to have to do crude software revisions in front of the public that’s actually using the software, for online sales too. It’s not that much worse than what Yahoo and MS did in the not so distant past, but I don’t know if people will tolerate that anymore in this web 2.0/3.0 atmosphere.

It’s kind of like shoving a car out of the factory with parts of the frame showing. I would love to try to get Mederic back to work on this from France, but I think it’s too late for that. It’s almost do everything wrong and hope it works out with revisions time. We need to ship this now. Like right now, even if there is only a textbox and submit button on https as a sales interface, it’s gotta go live. In a perfect world, it would be perfect, but this isn’t a perfect world and we need people to spend money right now on this.

Daily link November 2nd, 2007

An inappropriate post

As I sit here working on doing security audits for a very old and good customer of ours from the Dominican Republic, I feel extremely sad about the day’s announcements. Our customers have been the greatest throughout years and years of relationships with us, and I can’t feel worse, in a business sense, than I do right now. I stopped smoking 8 years ago and I feel like starting again. It’s that bad.

Since this is early there are still months of leeway, hopefully, the economists will be proved wrong and the currency markets will self-medicate themselves before xmas.

Daily link November 2nd, 2007

Making more progress in a solution for our customers

I am making more progress towards finding a solution for our customers right now. Progress has been made, and I am doing nothing except working towards that and doing accounting right now.

Once we have something concrete I will email all customers and talk with you individually so we can work through this together. The US currency still isn’t bad enough where it’s something immediate, but it is quickly getting there, so we are trying hard to reduce any impact of that 3rd party factor on our relationship, and your quality of work, and service. Hopefully with progress I am trying to make right now, the trains will be running on time no matter how bad the exchange rate gets.

We respect our customers, and want nothing but the best for them.

UPDATE: I don’t want to get anybody’s expectations up too much. This could take 3-4 weeks to work out.

UPDATE2: I can imagine our customers are angry or unsure right now. I would be willing to tell you exactly what steps I am taking to make sure that your work gets done as per the agreement. I have no problem with that, and you may contact me via email, chat, or telephone if you would like that information.

Daily link November 2nd, 2007

The Rumors of the extra 500M investment in Facebook were false

Confirmed by Techcrunch, the extra 500M investment in online social networking website Facebook have now reported to be fake. It’s actually about half that for a total of 260M via 2 funds, and the deal doesn’t seem to be close to being signed on right now. While this is no surprise to a large majority of us, it does make Microsoft Corp look that much crazier for investing 250M in what comes out to a little over 1% of the company in order to push a perceived 15 billion dollar valuation.

The SEC does not govern private securities purchases such as this one, to the best of my knowledge. In other words you as an investor in a private company can buy shares at any price you see fit without regulation. Without an overseer saying whether the purchase price is fair or not.

Perhaps some of the hedge fund investors saw the public’s response to the Microsoft investment, and got cold feet. Some of the people who responded to that responded negatively, implying that it was a small investment in order to push an unrealistic valuation. Though this is just a hypothesis.

At any rate, it would seem that good sense prevailed so far in this case.

Daily link November 2nd, 2007

Doing accounting today

Wow, I just love entering receipts into the vendor portion of Quickbooks. It’s so much fun. Wait, I was being sarcastic. So instead of writing search engine code, I am playing little Miss secretary instead. I do this at least once a month for 2 days.

So I have corrected our pricing bug, and now I am trying to correct our sold contracts too cheaply bug. Hopefully by the time I get back from TechCrunch in Boston on November 16th I will have some sort of solution to the problem. I did quickly ponder on the fact that USDs are no longer worth what they were here, but they are still worth a dollar in the US of A. So that is a possible solution path. And no we do not have the resources to open an American branch of BeerCo. If only we did this problem wouldn’t be a problem because we could ping pong services back and forth across the border like Wal-mart does in times of currency fraud.

Oh and the comment about Boston has nothing to do with TechCrunch. While I am there I will try to talk to at least 2 American affiliates about a solution. They are not affiliated with Techcrunch in any way, and they are not even in the Web2.0 business at all. They do the same thing as us, but in the USA. I will simply stay an extra day and drive out to see some of them.

Getting back to accounting, Quickbooks does have a nice feature where you can enter the reference number on the receipts though, so you can quickly pull one of tens of thousands of receipts up in an flash by the ref number on it. It also catogorizes your expenses to easily put them into deduction categories when you have to file your T2 and RL-1. I also do that with intuit software for the company.

UPDATE: I am also looking into short term emergency work visas. So possibilities are open to resolve this problem still. I am still open to find solutions. I just know I can’t let the cost surpass the income any longer. If that happens it will be worse for customers than finding a solution which is comparable to what they have now. So this is a huge problem and it needs to be solved, and it is my job to solve it within the parameters of existing agreements. When the US dollar hits the floor, and that could be in January of February at 70-80 cents, it will no longer be possible to continue unless the problem has been solved by then, so I will work very hard to do it as soon as possible.

Daily link November 2nd, 2007

BeerCo, plan delta B, evasive action

While this is looking disastrous, and it is, I am putting together a plan for recovery.

Now it’s us vs. Govt of Canada AND the US Federal Reserve. We can do it. God or whatever powers at be puts people in horrible situations like this so they can build character. I dunno if everyone is going to be satisfied with the solution, but I think it’s legal.

I will have to carry this out immediately in order to stop loss.

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