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Daily link November 1st, 2007

Our taxes are starting to outpace our net income

Thanks to the declining US dollar and other factors, our income and payroll taxes are starting to outpace our net income. Quickbooks says we owe 5k+ for September and October in interim payments. It keeps incrementally getting worse also. I raised our rates to compensate, but I did it too late. I didn’t think the American dollar would sink so low. If it keeps going we’re going to have to reject US currency altogether on new contracts to put some bubble gum over the hole.

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At any rate, the checks are in the mail to CRA and to Revenue Quebec, I hope they choke to death on the money. Five thousand plus dollars worth(for 2 months). Hopefully that can choke a few tax agents so we get our money’s worth.

UPDATE: I have a feeling that this is the US govt, trying to recover from the housing loan fallout. Somebody had the bright idea: “hey, let’s influence the market to make our currency worthless, that way WE can compete internationally with low low rates too!”. If that’s the case, and I think it’s probable that this happened through manipulation, it’s great and all(it worked) but the morons were wrong and it’s having the opposite net effect.

UPDATE 2: We give our Canadian provincial and Federal govt nearly 50% income tax on our revenue. Then we have an additional 15% sales tax on top of that in GST/PST. Why aren’t our govt agents out in international money markets telling foreign investors how worthless OUR money is??? Why aren’t they trying to sink the value of OUR dollar below the US dollar? We give them ALL THIS MONEY to safeguard us and ultimately they show how they are worthless pansies in return.

UPDATE3: There are some reasons we can’t shift to the Canadian economy for clients such as public sector MERX contracts which we used to enter proposals on. This is one of them, there are many others that are undocumented. We have left MERX and have dropped out of the ITAC public sector committee this past year. Hopefully this process will once again, if it ever was, become fair, and we can rejoin. I don’t think we will be easily able to re-integrate into the Canadian economy as a seller of services without an investment of some type. Right now I am moving forward with getting our keywords sales interface done as it would seem the the sharp fall of the US dollar may in fact kill us if it doesn’t stop.
Ultimately we too would need to hire lobbyists to champion our cause, and frankly we can’t afford them right now.

Daily link November 1st, 2007

Facebook tries to force people to use their real information on the internet

It would seem from this post that Facebook now wants everyone to use their real first and last names on their internet profiles???

There’s actually a slew of very good reasons for not doing that, covering anywhere from ID theft to stalking, ect…  We run a social network similar to Facebook, but much smaller, and we would never mandate that people use their real information. Social networks are mainly for entertainment purposes and for people who want to reveal information to reveal it as they choose.

For example, somebody may sign up to a social network with a fake name and info, but if they find somebody cool that they trust via long term communication they may want to meet that person and start to reveal more of themselves. In a way this is the same way it works off the internet as well to a degree.

This move is scary, because it leads people that would have otherwise tried to protect themselves to feel bad or excluded into not doing so. Facebook is NOT a college registration roster and I think they need to wake up to the fact that it is simply a website on the internet where people go to entertain themselves and communicate. I think they are taking themselves WAY too seriously with this step and that they are going out of bounds for what is patently the entertainment industry.

This is bordering on a national registration card type action, and that’s going too far in my opinion.

Daily link November 1st, 2007

Do you still buy print tech Magazines?

TechCrunch reports that PC World Australia will stop printing their magazine.

I am not really surprised as most technical information is now available freely on the internet. We still subscribe to Linux Journal, though I still have to renew our subscription, but other than that, I no longer buy nor read any print magazine dealing with computers or IT.

It’s interesting that in the pre internet age, those magazines and journals were the only source of information besides manuals and books and now that medium has been totally shut down by simple Google searches for related topics. I can honestly see a lot more Magazines shutting down in the near future. Not just technical magazines dealing with IT, but all Magazines in general. Online mag subscriptions are nice, but you can often times find comparable info for free on another website. Such as Linux Journal has a pay portal for their subscription content, but you can often times find the same info on other websites for free. Of course it’s not the same, but people are cheap. Perhaps quality content will win out though, as quality content is what people are really after.

In summary I am unsure if online subscriptions for quality authors and articles will prevail or if DIY online magazines with user submitted content will prevail? Maybe both will prevail? I do know that print media is on the decline. Not to mention it wastes our rainforests.

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